So you want to be a tarot reader?

Perhaps you’ve seen tarot reading being performed on TV or in films or have had a professional reading by tarot readers for example. Maybe you have been given a tarot reading that has made a big difference to your life and which has inspired you to have a go yourself. Whatever the reason for your interest in tarot, it is a skill which takes a lot of time and determination to perfect.

That’s not to say that anybody can’t have a go at reading tarot cards of course; there’s no harm in getting a set of cards and having a dabble, but the skill behind reading tarot effectively is more complex and involved than many ‘lay people’ might at first think, and it’s certainly not quite as simple as it might appear in films and on the television.

For example, in popular culture there is a prevalent myth that the tarot cards each have their own very rigid and unique meaning. It’s true that the cards do have individual meanings, but what exactly those meanings are depends on a number of factors, including at what point in the reading the card is drawn, what other cards are drawn previously and subsequently, the pattern and layout of the cards and so on and so forth. As you can see, it’s not as clear-cut as simply looking at a card and immediately deciphering a meaning; tarot reading is more involved than that.

Another common myth is that the tarot cards themselves are mystical or magical, which isn’t quite true. In fact, tarot cards are used in many other cultures simply as regular playing cards, with no mysticism or spiritualism attached at all. It is the skill of the psychic professional which allows spiritual meaning to be deciphered from the tarot cards, rather than the cards themselves. Think of them as tools used by well trained professionals.

If you want to find out more about tarot, a good tip is to research and read up on psychic tarot reading and take your time to hone and perfect the art of tarot. When choosing your first tarot deck, it’s a good idea to opt for a deck which comes with a guide or a DVD so that you can understand the basics of tarot reading before moving on to a more advanced level. Online resources can be useful but the best thing to do is just to keep on practising.


Author: Emma C

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