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Singularity and Duality

“To attain knowledge, add things
every day.

To attain wisdom, remove things
every day.”

— Lao Tzu

Man is certainly a complex creature and the most complex parts are the brain / mind / consciousness. I have spoken of many different aspects of the mind and of problems we have in life and of their solutions. So now I come to a very important issue. How mankind views his world. In all aspects of communication, this article that you are reading for example, the ego is the filter or mechanism by which we understand communication. It is because of the ego that we have an incredible capacity for communication and processing of information. There is unconscious communication but as the term implies we are unaware of this communication. That is, our ego is unaware.

So nearly all of communication that we are aware of, is obviously conscious communication and is filtered by the ego. The enormity of this type of communication is mind boggling but because it is one of the main and common things we do. We simply take it for granted.

There is however a major problem and it is because conscious communication is filtered by the ego. The ego is unaware of unconscious communication and therefore unconscious communication and understanding is unknown and unavailable to the ego/ conscious and also based on a different reality.

What do I mean by a different reality? Herein lays the big questions to life, such as what is the meaning of life? How did it all begin, who am I? Etc.

Where do I begin! I typed in the headline and started, so I’ll try and explain. Looking at the first paragraph, I typed in “How mankind views his world” This is where I’ll begin. The sentence should be ‘How the ego views the world”. For man does not view the world. The ego does and the ego views it according to its understanding of itself, which is severely limited. The ego views its world. It perceives how the world is and the ego believes its perception and the ego loves when it is in harmony with the shared perception of others. The ego understands itself as master of mind and body, this thing that I am. But the mind and body can exist without the ego and yet without the mind and body the ego is nothing it cannot exist. Animals have mind and body but no ego, though higher order mammals have to different degrees an ego and they will develop the more they evolve. The point is, an ego is useful (essential to be able to function in our society) but not essential for life.

Communication is a highly adaptive tool that helped mankind to flourish and give it an advantage over other animals and predators. In order to communicate effectively and to ensure the survival of the species, a new part of the brain was needed to manage this tool. Hence the ego. And for communication to be effective, identity was needed. For without an identity, communication would be very difficult and problematic. Identity solved the problem and communication has evolved into what it is today.

This may be hard to grasp because it is so engrained in all aspects of our living, but identity is a concept. It developed to assist communication, which was needed to ensure the survival of the species. The concept of Identity necessitated the concept of Duality. This has resulted in a plethora of meanings that have hindered mankind. It is almost impossible to reject the idea of duality. For in order to reject duality, your ego needs to reject it, for the ego is in charge of
communication (of which ideas are). To reject duality the ego would have to reject the concept of identity. Which it can’t, for then it would cease to be needed, would cease to be. Now identity, though a concept, is real because we choose to believe it is real. But it is a reality that is layered over a deeper reality. Identity is true only in that it is a useful construct.

The deeper reality is that there is only oneness. Duality is true only in that it is a useful construct. It overlays the deeper reality of singularity. One side of a coin is, only because the coin is, you can’t have the side without the coin. The unconscious is aware of and operates at
this deeper reality. There are many different levels of unconscious and it is the deeper levels that I am referring to. At the deepest level there is just energy intermingling and flowing
throughout all things. All things are connected as the flow of energy is uninterrupted. Energy can organize into form but the energy of the form is not fixed but flows. The form looks fixed and is fixed in only as a river looks fixed. At any point in the river the water (the
energy) that was there a moment ago has flowed on.

It is extremely hard to dismiss the idea of duality. Though we do not need to dismiss it but see it in its true reality. A reality that makes sense only to the ego. Duality/identity exists only because singularity /oneness exists.

We look for meaning in everything, no, the ego looks for meaning in everything. The ego searches for meaning. For the ego cannot accept the deeper reality of oneness and singularity. In fact meaning only matters to the ego. It is always trying to prove that the concept of identity and duality is reality. For if they’re real then the ego is real. The search for meaning is the search for identity and ego to have meaning and to disprove oneness and singularity. Reality has no meaning, it is meaningless.

If there is no time, no place, no meaning and no – thing, what is there???

If you contemplate this question without any bias and let your deep unconscious answer, the answer is not nothing but – Everything/totality.

For in nothingness is

By Philip Martin

About the Author:
Philip Martin is a Naturopath, Hypnotherapist and Author of “Life Patterns, the Secret to Emotional Freedom” and “The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process, a clear and defined pathway”. The 5 Step Cancer Healing Process is also avaiable as a free eBook from his website How to Heal Cancer


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