Simple Techniques to Learn Astral Projection


This is a simple guide that provides the most
basic information and techniques required to learn astral projection
and to start experiencing the freedom of astral travel. Astral
projection is the ability to disconnect your consciousness from your
physical body and project it anywhere you desire. Astral projection is
different from lucid dreaming because lucid dreaming involves
controlling your experiences within a made up, dream environment. When
you project astrally you are actually moving your astral form through
the real physical environment. It’#8217;s not uncommon for people to be able
to report what’#8217;s going on in other rooms of their house while they
project astrally — something that is not possible in a lucid dream.

your research into astral projection and the tools available to help
you learn astral projection, you will find that there are those who
claim that astral projection is not safe. When you are able to astrally
project successfully, you will find a thin silver cord that connects
your astral form to your physical form. People claim that if this cord
is severed it will cause death to the physical form. However, thousands
of people all over the world have documented their astral journeys and
there has never been a single instance of death during a projection.
Most people use this as a fear tactic because they do not fully
understand what happens during an astral projection.

The first
thing you must learn to master when you start to learn astral
projection is the ability to master the hypnagogic state. This is the
dreamlike state between being awake and asleep. In order to project,
you have to be able to enter a state where your body is asleep but your
mind is awake. One technique that is common for people to use when just
starting out is to lie flat and hold one arm directly up towards the
ceiling. As you start to drift off to sleep, your arm will fall. As
your arm falls, it will wake you up. Over time, you will begin to
become aware of your “mind awake body asleep ” state without dropping
your arm.

The next step in your journey to learn astral
projection is the ability to visualize. Visualization is a key skill in
astral projection. When you are in the hypnagogic state, visualize
yourself floating above your body and looking back at yourself. This is
usually most easily accomplished by visualizing yourself flipping over
onto your stomach. A lot of people have reported that by visualizing
this, they experience a “click out ” where they feel their astral form
disconnect from their physical body. Once you have disconnected from
your physical body, start by exploring the immediate area around you
and then return safely to your physical form.

If you try to learn
astral projection using these techniques, you may find it difficult to
do. Recently, science has discovered a “shortcut ” to learn astral
projection and improve many other aspects of your life. Science has
discovered that when the two hemispheres of the brain work together,
humans are able to induce altered states of consciousness. The easiest
way to accomplish this is through a technique called binaural beats. By
using a set of headphones, you are able to listen to two discreet
frequencies, one in each ear. Your brain hemispheres work together to
create a single distinct sound from the two separate frequencies. Most
people hear a warble in the tone which indicates the brain hemispheres
are working together. By using these frequencies, people have reported
an increased ability to project astrally.

Trying to learn astral
projection takes a lot of practice and patience. Many people who don’#8217;t
succeed the first time usually give up and dismiss the entire process
as bogus. The best advice I can give you is to be persistent and
document any experiences you have. Only once you overcome your
disbelief and fear will you be able to experience the astral plane.

evidence is now suggesting that we can leave our physical body and that
we may even survive the death of that physical body. Using brainwave
technology it was found that a certain combination of alpha and theta
harmonics caused the immediate transference of consciousness away from
the physical body. Almost everyone trying these frequencies has agreed
that the effect is very unusual. Several users have reported a distinct
‘#8217;moving’#8217; of their perception from the physical body.

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1 thought on “Simple Techniques to Learn Astral Projection”

  1. One should not worry about whether astral projection is safe or not. Before projecting if there is any fear or doubt about the safety of astral projection your egoic mind will never allow you to separate your astral form from your physical body.

    The first step to learning astral projection is the elimination of fear and meditating on the fact that it is perfectly safe to get your egoic mind “on board”. Your ego must see intrinsic benefits for its self so that it can stop resisting the projection. Meditating on the benefits for the ego will help it to realize that there is something in it for the ego.

    It is possible to only have spontaneous projections even if the ego is not “on board”. The ego will sleep when the body sleeps and that is when the spontaneous projections will start. In order to do this at will you will have to rectify the experience within yourself.

    There are many techniques for astral projection, but all you need is a continuing stream of conscious awareness from the waking alpha state to the theta state. Practicing awareness through out the day will make spontaneous projections much more likely.

    Try paying attention to your breath through out the day and before sleeping at night. This is the more efficient method of learning astral projection.

    Hope this helps.

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