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Significance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn is perhaps the most talked about planet in Vedic astrology and many people fear by the mere mention of Saturn. Well, that is only because of lack of knowledge and the false rumors spread by the unscrupulous and self-proclaimed astrologers. Saturn is considered to act as a judge in the person’s life time, pretty similar to Yama (The Lord of Death in Hindu Mythology and the brother of Saturn) who judges a person’s actions after his death. So, if you have been a righteous person and you have worked for the benefit of poor and downtrodden then you will surely be rewarded by success, peace and prosperity in your life time by Saturn. However, if you have been unkind and manipulative then you might be awarded a miserable and disease prone life by Lord Saturn.

Saturn is the slowest mover among all the planets in the Solar system and it takes almost 2.5 years to transit from one Zodiac to another. So, in total it takes almost 30 years to make a complete revolution around the 12 zodiac signs. Many people are reported to have suffered from “Shani ki saade saati” (A period of Seven and Half years when the Saturn is at its influential best), “Shani ki Dhaiya”( a period of Two and Half Years when Saturn awards or punishes your actions) and Shani ki mahadasha (A period of 19 years of Saturn’s influence) and if calculated precisely almost everyone suffers from “Shani ki dhaiya” or “Shani ki saade saati” so there is no reason to shiver from it, as it is not as cruel as it sounds or fake astrologers project it to be.

So, ideally Saturn can be considered as someone who warns you from practicing evil deeds in your lifetime. Many people do not pay heed to this significance and they tend to run to temples and seek the Vedic astrologer’s consultations when they are punished by Saturn. The intensity of sorrow or trauma is directly proportional to the extent of evil deeds. If you are suffering from the harsh justice of Saturn then you can practice several remedial measures, as prescribed by a knowledgeable Vedic Astrologer. It is sad to see many people trying their own methods to appease Saturn and intensify the problem further. The best way is to lead a righteous life and avoid the pain and sorrow at all. However, these things must be carried out after seeking the suggestion of a knowledgeable Vedic astrologer.

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