Should you send Love Energy ?

If you would like to do something then do it. You already know your own answer and in most cases, when we ask such question, it is because, we want someone else to comfort us in our own view.
Do not let someone else decide for you, how are you going to ever learn something if you are even afraid to try ?

The young children arent afraid to try new thing, take example on them. Now, many of you are of an empathic nature. You pick up a lot and too much from others, something you can do for that is to learn to differentiate your own energy from the energy of others. Take time alone to learn what feel like your own energy , pay attention to the way you feel when you wake up in the morning these experiences are telling you what feel like your own energy.

If you are working with people in your life or are around many people something very good to clean up all the energy you picked up from others people is to take a shower, it will clean your aura from all the stuffs you picked up from others. If you work with people taking a shower directly after your work is a good habit.

If you learn to have a quiet mind through concentration and breathing, you have a chance to recognize the emotional mood of others as they come in your mind through your empathic nature, since, you recognize these energies as being from the outside, you can choose to let go of them, just observe without judgement.

If you are in a situation that is heavy on an emotional level if you feel like you are picking up too much too quickly, take a few deep breathes and imagine a protective seal of light coming over your plexus solar chakra, it will help to block unwanted outside energy to come.

Sending love isnt to be feared the people that cant receive your energy will be manifested by a feeling of being drained when you send them love energy, if this happens you know that you can stop. When someone can receive your love energy you will feel good about it.