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Psychic Self-Defense

First, you will only be subject to the so-called psychic attack only if you believe in them and if you allow to be attacked , if you believe you are hexed you are. Never think the attacker is causing you the drama you are causing it to yourself. The attacker simply act as your point of focus, for you to not see, the true cause of the problem. The situation is usually a symbol of an inner problem to be fixed. Now, there is many things you can do protect solve that. It is better to work with an experienced spiritual healer that will be able to help you put your attention on the real problem.

I will talk about negative-thoughtforms.(they are pattern of negative energy that may drain you completely). Usually, the energy created after a dramatic event such as strong argument will not dissipate and will affect people who enter its field. Sensitive people will be more likely influenced by this. Even the event is very strong the energy can still remain many years if not decade. Most people who visit the Auschwitz death camp can still feel the suffering of people murdered there. There are concrete things that you can do to stay balanced and not being by negative energy. Have your house clean , negative thoughtforms love to agglomerate themselves in messy house, because they are attracted to that, they resonate, if you live in a messy place, there is a reason for this in your mind. The mess is a symbol for you to decode. Nonetheless, no matter what the mess means it is better to clean your house, it will only provide positive energy and keep away the negative-thoughtforms that resonate with the mess.

Stay away, from place with negative-thoughtforms this may include some sleazy pubs, bankruptcy courts, mental hospitals and any other places with history of great suffering and pains. Some people are to avoid too, they are the people who can't take care of themselves, people with constant destructive behaviors, sometimes, you can see an entire family like this. They have give up on life. Send them love wish them the best and go on your path. Eventually if you want to be successful in the life, you have better to be surrounded by successful people.

There is a ritual called the Aura Meld in psychic seduction V, it is simple imagine yourself surrounded and filled with powerful energy. You can will feel like this during the day. The Aura Meld is to be performed twice a day. Now, the very best technique to do, is simple to ignore, negative-thoughtforms pay attention and stay focused, and everything will be fine.

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