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Seeking Answers

I often wonder why anyone would want a psychic reading. Is it not far simpler just to live life not knowing what will come next. Knowing in advance can take the spontaneity out of life, it can make everything seem a little mechanical, like everything is already pre-destined. Surely life should be an adventure into the unknown, were every day hold something new and different.

It would be nice that no one needed to phone a psychic or no one needed advice of any kind, but that is not the world we are living in, maybe that is fantasy world. people do have problems, they are short of patience, they need their worries elevating as quickly as possible. Not all psychic readings are about money or wanting to know if an ex will return. Many people want to speak to lost loved ones who have crossed over to the spirit world. If nothing else that is a good reason to speak to a psychic. There is no other way of contacting someone than to seek a medium who can converse on behalf of you.

Those are the messages that bring the most tears and often a feeling of relief, they are comforting besides proving the existence of life after death. Physics are in a unique position to help people, especially those in need.After all it is a choice whether someone seeks help or not.

The problem boils down to the quality of advice given, some psychics are poor some are good. You will find as many bad psychics out there as you will find bad mechanics. You will also find as many good an trusting psychics as you will find good mechanics or even hair dressers. It takes practice and experience to become a good psychic, besides having a big heart to help those in need. You can text a psychic, phone a psychic or meet one in person, it makes no difference. You will find good or bad at the end of a phone or in person.

From my experience you have to build a rapport with people, whether you are the psychics or the one seeking help. Without that bond of connection, there will be no good guidance given or received. If nothing else the person seeking a reading should always look to find someone they can trust, that is the first step towards finding the help that is needed.

people seek because they don’t want to be in the dark anymore, they want to see the light, they want to find the truth, and if that is through a psychic, so be it.

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