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How To Create Your Own Cult like Following Of Women

By Derek Vitalio

Some of my students have this little problem. Some of them must resort to doing massive amounts of walk-ups: not because they get turned down by the women they approach, but because they couldn't keep the women they seduced interested in them beyond the first lay or two.

Through trial and error I've learned that picking up women is not the hard part. The problem is KEEPING them happy while you're keeping your other girlfriends happy. And being that you're just one person, you only have so much of YOU to go around. Some of your girlfriends may "bleed" off rather quickly if you don't pay enough attention to them. I wanted to find a way to keep women I had met around without much attention and still have time to seduce.

I was on a date with a tall, brunette Latina who I had met at a psychic fair. Sparks were flying and I knew that SOMETHING was going to happen that night but we were too far away to go to my place and her parents were at her house. So we found a nice, comfortable, secluded place inside a lifeguard shack and snuggled up inside. Pretty soon we were making out and it became more and more passionate (and romantic that we were at the beach, not to mention a little crazy since we could have been caught!)

Most guys at this point would've continued to escalate, but if you move too quickly you can freak the girl out. So I backed off, withdrew, and teased her a little until I made sure she was having fun again and then I pushed a little further. First kissing, then neck touching, then thighs, then stroking the area above her breasts, and so on in sequential order until I had my two fingers inside.

Pretty soon the clothes came off. (P.S. I don't recommend doing this in a beach lifeguard shack as you'll see in a moment.)

Okay, this is what you need to do to keep a girl crazy about you with minimal maintenance and the formula is pretty simple. In fact the formula is simply this: be the best lay she's ever had.

I repeat. Be the BEST lay she's EVER had.

Give her incredible, mind blowing sex that she can't get from anywhere else.

Look at it this way. If you are the BEST she's ever had then you have a MONOPOLY on giving her intense pleasure. And what are monopolists famous for? Gouging customers and charging them a high price to maximize their profits since the monopolist has no natural competitors. What if Evian was the only company that you could get clean water from? You'd be forced - compelled - to buy water from Evian, even if they were asking $10 per liter.

If you have a monopoly of rocking her world with earth-shattering, mind-blowing sex, she will ALWAYS come back to you no matter how little attention you pay to her in between.

Of course, this is easier said than done. It took me a long while to figure out how to be a great lover myself. Because not only did I want to be a great lover to keep women coming back for more (read: booty call), but I wanted to have access to her very deepest fantasies.

So I came up with my own specific system that guys can use to ratchet up their sexual performances using the best techniques out there (and many things I discovered myself) into one system specifically designed to keep women hooked around your little finger... for sex. That's Legendary Lover.

For example, I wanted to last MUCH longer in bed. Up until that point, my definition of lasting long was about thirty minutes. But I knew I couldn't keep multiple girls around with this kind of sloppy performance. Other guys can go for thirty minutes and that doesn't constitute monopoly power.

So I began digging around and talking to self-proclaimed "sex gurus" and "tantric masters" to get some answers. I quickly found that people either knew what they were doing but couldn't explain it, or they had no formal system to transfer the teachings to someone that wasn't experienced.

Over time I put it all together and learned to ride on the edge of orgasm hours and, conversely, have multiple orgasms. I choose when to ejaculate and don't cum out of neediness but save my orgasm as her reward. In Legendary Lover I lay out the procedures to penetrate her inner mind, dreams, and sexual fantasies to embed and turn yourself into her ideal lover - a critical skill, because every woman is different and you CANNOT stick to one single lovemaking method, no matter how good you may think it is.

Okay, back to the story in the lifeguard shack.

I can't go into all the details of what I did that night. But, for example, I would control how long I lasted in order to maximize her pleasure. Lasting longer is achieved through a simple exercise I do in breath control and a little mind trick. As soon as I felt the orgasm welling up inside me, I held it in check by placing my tongue on the roof of my mouth and breathing deep and relaxed. As I breathed in, I pulled up on my testicles. As I exhaled, I let them go (you have to practice this a few times from before hand). I imagined that the sexual energy I was generating in my genitals was being pulled up my spine, like a straw, by the deep inhales, and into my head.

Anytime I would get anywhere near orgasm, the more pleasure I felt, I was simply able to redirect the warmth and sexual energy back into the girl (I know it sounds weird, but women can feel it... and I guarantee that NO guy does this). That night I was able to last two hours with this woman until she was asking me to come all over her.

Of course, we paid the price for lovemaking in a public place. We cuddled afterward and fell asleep together... to be very embarrassingly woken up the next morning by a lifeguard dude at 6:00 AM in the morning. Ouch!

No matter, my mission was complete. She told me numerously how she was blown away by my stamina and "abilities" as she called it. She kept calling me non-stop. It's strange really. You can really become a sexual god to these women, assuming you can monopolize what they really want in bed. It's like it becomes an addiction for them.

To this day, the girl I laid at the beach house still sees me and we have an open door relationship together, even though she knows what I do. It simply amazes me however as to the numbers of men who have NO IDEA what they're doing. DON'T be left in the dark. I created Legendary Lover to give my students a detailed road map to follow to sexually fulfill women - I think of it as the "second chapter" of Seduction Science. Take a look.

By Derek Vitalio

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