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Ways to make a good first impression

The importance of making a good first impression is not something to neglect. A first impression is the most important impression you will ever make and sadly you get only one chance to make it.

First impression and your personality

Your personality will greatly condition the first impression you will make. Now, you should know that some traits aren't attractive. Because, a first impression is basically what people you meet are picking up from you to make the decision on what you are. You should work out your positive first impression at a psychological level and at a body language level. What do I mean ?

In the dating game for a man the attractive qualities to project are dominance and status, financial abundance and lifestyle, self-confidence, humor and authenticity.

You can projects those qualities with your body languages and what you say.

Find someone with each of the mentioned qualities and models on him, this is not complicated. You will notice that dominant man have a certain body language, they seem relaxed when they talk and they express themselves clearly. Look the person you are talking with right into the eyes, have a flirty glance, smile and be interested to be interesting. It will demonstrate confidence. If you can be humorous but do not go to far to appear like a clown. Disclose, something about you, it shows authenticity.

If you are into psychic seduction, the best technique to generate instant positive first impression is the Aura Meld. Usually, after you have done the Aura Meld people will be curious to learn about you and they will want to know more about you. This is indeed a successful first impression.




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