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Creating TRUE LOVE via Psychic Seduction

Here's the million dollar question: Is it possible to incite true love through any form of mind-control? Four years ago, before I fell hopelessly in love, I studied the process through a gamut of well-written manuals done by men with Ph.Ds, M.A.s and a whole lot of other funny titles attached to their family names. Let's go through the process of the love game step-by-step.



Someone catches your eye across the room. Perhaps her physical attractiveness struck you. Maybe you loved his masculine voice. Maybe she carried herself with sensual bearing. Whatever the reason, you thought to yourself, "Self, I like that person. I think I'm going to introduce myself." So you saunter over, crack a smile and grope for the opening salvos. It comes out in a quiet rush. She says hello. You return with desperate repartees on the weather and on how good your quarry looks. Standard introductory fare. You think, "Self, I don't think she's buying this garbage. I'm doomed." Your hands are clammy and your body language betrays your desire to flee. You wish you could melt in a puff of smoke. But lo and behold, your quarry smiles and the twinkle in her eyes reveal something exciting. You press on. The night wears on and you exchange facts about your personal backgrounds.

Pretty soon, you discuss feeling and emotions. Your breathtaking similarities arise like a sparkling, rare  jewel and this amazes you no end. You think,"Self, she's so much like me! I think I like her a lot." It's midnight and both of you yawn and begin the closing ritual. You think, "Self, I gotta meet this wonderful person who's so much like me. I need those magic numbers." She never hesitates as she scribbles down the coveted figures on to a piece of paper. Then she disappears into the night.


You lay in bed staring at the numbers. Thoughts pound your head. You think, "Self, I really like her! I really really do! She's fun (just like me), she's witty (just like me), she listens to my stories, she loves bowling and fishing (just like me)." Into the depths of the night, you recite the mantra of infatuation. By 5:00am, the cock crows and you haven't slept a wink. At work it's the same thing all over again.  Thoughts pound your head. You think, "Self, I really like her! I really really do! She's fun (just like me), she's witty (just like me), she listens to my stories, she loves bowling and fishing (just like me)." Then you go home, and gues what?   Thoughts, AGAIN,  pound your head. You think, "Self, I really like her! I really really do! She's fun (just like me), she's witty (just like me), she listens to my stories, she loves bowling and fishing (just like me)." Then it goes on the entire week!   Funny thoughts INCESSANTLY pound your head. You think, "Self, I really like her! I really really do! She's fun (just like me), she's witty (just like me), she listens to my stories, she loves bowling and fishing (just like me)." You have just brainwashed yourself. You did it all by yourself. Not she. You. For all you know, maybe your quarry hadn't even given you a single thought the entire week.


Many sleepless nights later, and after desperate failed attempts to focus on your work, it hits you like a ton of bricks. You think, "Self! What a wonderful creature she is! She's so perfect and now she got me to fall in love with her. I'm in LOVE ! I'm in LOVE!!!" You pull out the treasured piece of paper with the magic numbers. After an adrenaline-charged exchange, you have yourself a date. You discover to your delight that she had been thinking of you too.


Things went really well. You visited the zoo.. had a bit of grub at the nearest diner... caught a movie... danced all night. (It wouldn't have mattered if you dated at the local garbage dump... you're busy concentrating on her to notice your surroundings) You discover more and more things about your prospect that makes her all the more perfect: she's just like you in every way! With the exception of a few minor differences, you're both so similar that it's like having found that other special pea in this pod of a world. And what a pretty pea she makes! Ten dates later, you propose going steady. She gives the "yes", and so  begins a fairy tale romance


How did that wonderful wonderful event unfold? The first step of falling into intense infatuation is *convincing yourself* you like someone.It usually arises when you find traits in someone else that mirror your own. Narcissism is a powerful aphrodisiac, fellow forumers. Liking someone transforms into loving someone, when, by virture of your *inner voice*, you brainwash yourself with praise of that other person... everyday . You essentially alter your belief system by mentally enhancing her good qualities (those which mirror yours) and depressing thoughts of her lesser qualities. You mount her on a pedestal. It's like worship. As you may be aware, what you worship, you eventually pledge loyalty to. When you've sufficiently convinced yourself that she's so perfect because she's so much like you, then comes the phase known as The Revelation. At this junction, you wholeheartedly admit to yourself that your life now revolves solely and wholly around her. The love game then begins in earnest with steady dating, love-making, marriage... and of course family.


In the love game, PS or mind control plays a minor role. The ritual of attraction, courtship and genuine love is far too complex to be manipulated by remote seduction alone. Love, as you have witnessed, spawns from a discovery of your quarry's better traits (physical/emotional/spiritual)... this discovery leads to a recurring barrage of adoration of those traits. At this stage, Intense attraction replaces you initial infatuation. The nightly, self-induced brainwashing further reinforces your romantic emotions and leads to a consolidation of your random thoughts into The Revelation: you love her. Psychic Seduction (PS), Remote Seduction(RS), Mind Control Manual (MCM)  could never replicate the profound depth of LOVE that is created in the normal way. PS, rather, generates very superficial feelings of erotic and sensual attraction that may never even lead to true romantic fulfillment. It's like low octane fuel. Real romance depends on high grade petroleum such as self-disclosure, commitment and psychological tactics, such as NLP. If all you're after is a one night stand, PS lowers those barriers and gets your target primed for short term romancing and seducing. Beyond that, PS is a mediocre solution to genuine romance. Physiologically, the target organs of PS, RS and MCM are the sexual organs and glands that produce the chemicals of arousal. These techniques release these chemicals in short bursts-- long enough to get laid, but not long enough to get her heart. For long term romancing, you need a tool that targets not just the sexual organs. You need something that targets the seat of emotions: the mind. This is why, till today, real romance springs from the tried and true methods of the past. The overpopulation of the world exemplifies how well the tactics of your forefathers work .For seduction purists, you could augment them with modern methods like NLS, NLP, DHE, SS to enhance your chances. If you need extra ooomph, there's still the psychic seduction techniques.


(In proper order)

1) Get yourself shaped up psychologically. Make sure you're primed with confidence, exquisite bearing and a load of fascinating conversational material. Brush up on your manners and body language reading skills. Know the power of active listening.

2) Master the arts of NLP/DHE. These techniques are great to create behavioral change.

3) Optional: learn the arts of mind seduction. This is a last resort because PS does not lead to geniune romance... only sexual gratification. Happy romancing! Joey Joseph R. Plazo Exceed International


Joseph Rinoza Plazo author of Ph.D of Persuasion and Psychic Seduction V -- http://www.xtrememind.com

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