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You and your soul mate

Definition of a soul mate :What is a soul mate ?

People whom you are deeply connected, share a common path and build a soul relationship are your soul mate. They come in different form : friends, child , loved one, life partners.

How do you know if you found your soul mate ?

You don't , there is no real indicators. Unless, you pay attention to yourself, then you will have an understanding of what you attract into your life. We build our reality with our thoughts, emotions and beliefs, the more intense the emotions the faster we are attracting things. At some point in your life you may want to accelerate your spiritual growth but you don't know how to do it, then you may attract someone into your life that will help you in your spiritual path. When the teaching and lessons you need from this person will be complete, this person may disappear of your life. Yes, a soul mate is not necessarily some that you will have a lifetime relationship. Some soul mate relationship may last as short as 6 months, some can last several years or decades.

Soul mate connection ?

Depending of the soul age, they are 3 types of soul mate. Older, younger and same soul age as you. With an older soul mate you will be the student and your soul mate will pass new knowledge and experience to you, your soul mate will be also enriched from this relationship, when you have a younger soul mate, you are the teacher. With a soul mate of the same soul age, you learn in same time similar lessons. Most people choose a soul mate of a similar soul age. This type of relationship comes with many challenges but at the end are rewarding if you are able to learn from your experiences. A relationship with a same soul age soul mate has the potential for great intimacy.

Attracting a soul mate ?

Firstly, you must be ready to attract one, ask honestly to yourself if you are ready for a soul mate relationship ? Most people you are going to meet, connect first at an energy and soul level. If you are intuitive enough, you will probably tell yourself "I think I m going to meet someone special". You may consciously write the kind of soul mate you want and use an affirmation that you write 15 times a day. In fact, Scott Adams the author of the famous Dilbert cartoon did that within weeks, he was in relationship. Some people do not attract a soul mate or even a partner for a love relationship, because they think, they do not deserve to have one.

If you have this issue you can form your affirmation this way,

Me, [Your name], I now attract a man/woman who loves me, because I deserve it.

You, [Your name], You now attract a man/woman who loves me, because you deserve it.

You get the it ? write the affirmations at the morning or at night with convictions, I assure, you it works.


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