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7 powertips for hard-core communications magic!

1 *Speak with passion* . Listen to yourself on a recorder. Do you
drone in monotone? Perhaps that wonderful voice of yours croaks
like that of a dying frog? You can't hook eager ears without conviction.
Deliver every piece with passion. Say it like you mean it and
people will stampede.

2 *Deploy action words* Trash those abstractions. No one wants
them. Would you like to hear, "Our profit potential has increased
50% over last fiscal year and this indicates a time for proactive
expansion?" Dull. Boring. It's standard business-speak
deliberately shrouded in dry jargon.

Rephrase! "We've captured $5.2 Million this year which is a
whopping 2 Million over last year's profits. I recommend
we seize control of more territories by launching
more factories across the nation"

3 *Gesture* You have hands. You have an expressive face. USE THEM!
We all love an animated speaker and despise a zombie preacher.

4 *Get them involved* You'll hold their attention longer by asking
questions and sincerely listening to their replies. Remember that
aside from yourself, everyone else loves to speak and share their

5 *Leave the passive verbs in the briefcase* Dull speakers speak in
the passive form. They'd say "I was listened to by my bored


Deploy ACTIVE verbs for rabid impact! You can say "I
passionately delivered my speach to a hostile audience... and
won their hearts! Standing ovation galore!"

6 *Maximize humor* This isn't the license to crack lame green jokes
only you appreciate! Instead, seek out unsual instances in the
immediate environment upon which you can launch a witty
observation. Observe how naturally and quickly you create rapport
as those funny bones start twitching.

7 *Master NLP* NLP is a magical manner of delivering stealthy
conversational bullets that inspire, motivate and bring out the
best in people. I daresay, it's proclaimed one of the most useful
psychological tools ever invented! Crave NLP knowledge? Start
here: http://www.purenlp.com

Joey Plazo
Copyright 2004
Exceed International Empowered Development
www.xtrememind.com www.powerconsultants.net

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