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Physical Attractiveness Theory

A lot have been said about physical attractiveness, we will take here a more esoteric approach, after all, you are on a website dedicated to psychic seduction.

The human are enamored with aesthetic beauty. It is well known that a physically attractive individual will have more advantage than a lesser attractive one.

Now at the risk of shocking you on a strictly spiritual and mental viewpoint beauty is not on the outside, beauty is in the inside. Some people and in fact many, may have what we call inborn physical attractiveness but if they have the belief that they are not attractive, be sure, they will not be perceived as attractive by other people. In other words, if you want beauty, you must believe that you have it.

Eleanor Roosevelt was 6 years old when her mother declared to her face, "You have no looks!" and put her in a convent. Many women have said that Eleanor Roosevelt was homely. But after talking to her or listening to her speak to an audience; they saw her as a beautiful person, because she projected what was inside to the outside.

According to Victoria Moran author of Lit from Within, The first step toward bringing your inner beauty out is to have only one goal for your physical self: that it be an accurate representation of your spiritual self. Your outside form doesn't matter much. They are those that have brought in more of themselves, have actually lost weight, because that no longer is a stumbling block to them. It is of no concern to them. They begin to express from the 'inside' of themselves.

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