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No One Will Complete You


Many people look for a soul mate and think that this soul mate will complete them.

Sadly, this is really not the purpose of a soul mate. No one will complete you, the people you meet in life are here to teach lesson about what your soul need to learn at this time no more, no less. You will be far better try to achieve your heart's desires instead of put your life on hold or putting it in the hand of someone else.


As we said in another article a soul mate is : a person whom you are deeply connected, share a common path and build a soul relationship are your soul mate. They come in different form : friends, child , loved one, life partners.


According to expert Dion Fortune a successful relationship is based on higher cosmic tie, it is when you have a partnership with someone for the sole purpose of performing a special service : the motivation is service , not needs , not sexuality. When you find someone whose mind mirrors your mind, when you find someone who thinks as highly of you then you are with your true soul mate and this soul mate doesn't have the ingrate task of completing you.


You see, a soul mate is not someone that will complete you. If you have some deep needs and look for someone that will fill those needs, you may be disappointed at a later time in the relationship, because, a successful relationship is not based on needs and demand.


Never attempt to use someone else to escape your duties, your realities, your needs .

Those are a the things you and you only will complete alone. To fall in love with someone is to fall in love with yourself first.

If you can say to yourself, I m incomplete, then you can start to work this, help is available a very good to read is 'Love, sex and communication' by Phil Laut where he teach how to heal past and childhood trauma that affect your love life, the Loving Relationships by Sondra Ray also has a lot of good information on the topic. Wish you luck in your quest.

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