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A magnetism technique for more attractiveness

Proposed by Bambi1983in

1) Stand upright with legs at shoulder width and if possible, try to
remain barefooted. Breathe deeply for about 10 seconds and relax and clear your mind.

2)Visualize in perfect detail, tendrils and roots branching out from
your feet and going deep into the ground. Then imagine energy flowing in form the earth to you and energy from you into the earth. this should ground you and get you connected with the earth's energy field.

3)Now do the same with the air - imagine tentacles from your body
going into the air and the mutual flow of energy between you and the
atmosphere. This should get you connected with the atmosphere's
energy as well.

4)Now begin to sop in large amounts of energy from the earth and the atmosphere......you might want to hyperventilate, although I still
haven't been able to do that as yet.

5)Now imagine a portal of energy opening above your head. Make it
bright and shimmering and imagine that it is seething and pulsating
with immense amounts of energy. Now imagine a powerful jet of golden energy firing out of the portal and into you, maybe in your crown chakra or even in your aura or your hands or anywhere else...whatever you are comfortable with. I personally prefer to feel energy in my aura as a whole rather than in individual chakras. You should be able to feel the energy pulsating and throbbing within you.

6)Once you feel you have gathered a sufficiently large amount of
energy, infuse it with intent and a purpose. I usually command it to
make me look more attractive and good looking. Now keep this in mind and start ejecting the energy so as to from a shield around you....I
make mine golden for attractiveness with a few streaks of silver and
maybe white. Feel the shield pulsate around you with great power and intensity. Make it shimmering and bright and shiny. I concentrate on the outer shell first and then fill in the rest with golden energy. Now once you feel you have sufficiently charged your shield, either gather a little more energy or use whatever you have in excess to create a powerful explosive shock wave of energy radiating outwards and into your shield and order it to energize your shield to a breathtakingly large extent.

7)Now if you can feel energy (at least I can) you should be able
to "feel" the inner shell of your shield around you.

8)Repeat your commands to it once again and then imagine it in detail around you.

9)Create a light whitish blue shield just around the golden one to
prevent the energy from leaking out.

10)Order the shield to do whatever it eas you wanted it to do and
tell it to remain in full effect for the next 24 hours. Also tell it
that in case it is energized in the future or another similar shield
is built by you, it will combine with the second shield or absorb the
energy you give it and increase in strength.

11)Now, before 24 hours are over, you might want to either reenergize your shield or maybe create identical another one and fuse the two together ordering them to become one and magnify their powers and last for another 24 hours.

12)Everyday, keep reenergizing your shield and be confident that your ARE looking good.

After I did this for 2 or 3 days, I actually "felt" very comfortable
and pleasant vibrations all around me for about half an hour after I
did this. I also received a lot of stares, both friendly and shy (but
more shy stares as gals here in India are quite orthodox) and it was
quite amusing when I saw these girls talking and when I passed by,
they stopped talking or moving and just looked straight at me
emotionlessly, both of them as if they were zombies, and I always
make it a point to smile at them as I pass by, although that gets
them a little fidgety at times.

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