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Psychic Seduction for Unbelievable Love Making

By Knell Young

Guys, this will rock your world! I've re-read Joseph's Psychic Seduction 3 again from the beginning and suddenly it dawned on me that his techniques on the psychic handshake and aura meld can be put to creative use in lovemaking, and not just seduction.

I just found a most FANTASTIC way getting multiple (actually, 12!) orgasms out of my girlfriend.

Here's how I did it:

First I taught my gal Joe's Aura Meld technique and made sure she mastered it. Then, before undressing, we both used aura meld to create exactly the same energy field around us. It took us about 10 minutes, but you can really feel the effects. The air around us just seemed to crackle when we got close to each other. In the darkness, there seemed to be an almost visible luminousity our bodies.

Throughout the aura meld technique, we both agreed to visualize EXACTLY the same shade of color so our auras will be in synch. I figured that if mirroring body language works, then mirrorring aura frequencies and colors will create even GREATER rapport. Believe me, it did!

Anyway, now to the good part. As she undressed, I started using Joe's psychic handshake to powerup the hands. It took me only a minute or so because I already felt saturated with energy. In fact, I felt like I was hyperventilating and there were these white spots in my vision.

I started caressing my girflriend and with each touch, specially on the breasts and privates, she really squirmed in pleasure. She said the touch was both hot, cold and a whirl of all kinds of sensations, almost soothingly elecrtic, it was unimaginable. The next TWO hours was pure heaven!!! Somehow, all that energy enabled me to hold back from coming! We were so wild, but she almost totally lost control in her passion. Finally, when she came, she did so in TWELVE successive bursts. The bed was incredibly wet and
I can tell you this: I NEVER had an experience like this before, not even with that drug I tried once, ecstasy.

ThorThunder recently mentioned that psionics is a hit-miss thing. I'm
gaining even better results now. During that love-scene, I had cybershaman pump energy into the room, and I think it helped.

Try this guys with your wives. You'll be totally amazed.

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