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 Review-Big O DVD: Hypnotic Orgasm Video

Package cointains: 1 DVD - 1 Audio CD - 1 CD ROM with Ebook - 1 manual (45 pages)

I write this review as I watch the disc....

The DVD disc has 4 chapters, Introduction, hand chart, On location, San Francisco training. The introduction is quite funny , it is about a client calling Wendi Friesen to make her girlfriend have an orgasm in a restaurant by touching the back of her hand. After this brief part, we have Wendi explaining us how it will work, the idea of an hypnotic orgasm activated by touching a spot on the hand is to access past memories of intense pleasures and to anchor them.

Anchors are stimuli that call forth states of mind - thoughts and emotions. For example, touching a knuckle of the left hand could be an anchor. Some anchors are involuntary. So the smell of bread may take you back to your childhood. A tune may remind you of a certain person. A touch can bring back memories and the past states. These anchors work automatically and you may not be aware of the triggers.”( (Trans4Mind)

Chapter 2 - Hand Chart – In this chapter Wendi explains; how to anchor feelings on each finger and amplify them to make them converge all in same time in the center of the back of the hand, that spot will be called the magic spot. Wendi suggests to anchor feelings of taste of favorite foods, feeling of giving love or something special, feeling of deep love, best sex experience, fantasy or dreamstate about strong erotic pleasure from an ideal lover. After that, we see a sequence of a girl having an orgasm in a restaurant given by her boyfriend caressing the top of the back of her hand, this is quite an appetizer.

Intense Orgasm

Chapter 3 – On Location – This part is amazing to watch, Wendi hypnotize two girls , she uses her induction and deepener. She does anchor the feelings of the experiences mentioned above in each finger. She does a smooth continuous motion on the finger as an anchor. When she has all the anchors, she makes the feelings converges on the spot in the top of the back of the hand, she makes circular motions on the back of the hand and gives suggestions to intensify , double the pleasure. She goes several times through this converging the feelings, intensify them , double them. At some point, Wendi does make an anchor of the feelings to be activated when someone will touch the top of the hand. You can see one of the girl having the Big O (or probably more than just one hypnotic orgasm based on the way the sequence goes) , this is fascinating because she is in trance eyes closed and you can observe change in her physiology. The most interesting thing is that once the hypnotic orgasm is anchored on the hand spot, it can be activated any time, just by having circular movement on the hand. Once the girl in the video get out of trance, she describes her experience has experiencing a real full body orgasm, the cameraman even ask her if after that, she will need a guy again.

Chapter 4 – San Francisco Seminar – In the San Francisco seminar, she explains to a room of people, how to do it by themselves, the group of people in the room have to pair in two. One in the pair keep the eyes open and set the sliding anchors on the fingers. They are guys and girls. Apparently, most of the participants are able to do it however Wendi is still the one who deliver the hypnotic instructions.

My conclusion is that you will do fine with this disc if you are able to deliver the script properly which is just a question of patience no rush and may be confidence. All instructions to hypnotize your partner are provided with the disc on the form of 1 Audio CD with the script and induction. There is also one more CD with the Ebook ‘hypnotize your lover'.

For 69 dollars this is excellent package, more info at : on the BIG O page.

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