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 How to learn psychic seduction

There are a couple skills that will be very helpful if not essential during your learning of psychic seduction. All those skills are taught in the ebook Psychic Seduction V. I will review them here.

The ability to lower your brainwaves is important to establish a powerful telepathic link and to work with energy from your chakras. The method taught in Psychic Seduction V for this are the corrector method and the use of binaural beat. Alternatively, you can learn self-hypnosis, they are plenty of self-hypnosis method available all over the net. Try 2 or 3 of them, and see which one fit you the best. Self-hypnosis will allow you to quickly experience a trance state, the better you are familiar with trance the easier you will master the technique in Psychic Seduction V.

The ability to work with energy is important if you want fast result I recommend that you go to the Astral Pulse website and look for the N.E.W method, this is a very easy westernized form of Tai-chi. There you will find technique to open the energy gate inside you for greater success in health and of course psychic seduction. You can also work with Kundalini Activator from the same author. For the more complicated techniques in the book, the ability to concentrate long time and control your emotional state is essential, eventually practice will make it perfect. Learn one or two concentration exercises that you will practice on a daily basis at different time of the day.

Lastly, the will to succeed is important, you must commit to learn the skill, you must also have a winner attitude, if you tell yourself I cannot do it, be sure, you will not be able to do it. Use a spirit of fun and discovery , do not take yourself too seriously, when you practice the exercise in the book , do it like if it was a game. Avoid the spirit of competition and do not compare yourself to others. During your journey to learn the skill, it will be wise if you can keep a journal of your own progress and observation.

Wish you the best, learning psychic seduction.

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