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Eyes Magnetic Techniques

This technique is believed to help you to create positive energy between you and someone you are interested in. In fact, I know someone who was very enthusiast about the technique, he religiously practiced it until he becomes a master of it. He was able to create good rapport even with people who initially didn't like him.

Close your eyes and with your mind eyes imagine that your gazing at your physical heart, do it until you are feeling something. Usually, you will quickly be able to have a sensation of your heart's chakra, you will also a faster activity of your physical heart. You have created an energy loop, it why you are feeling like this.

Now, if you "eye-smile" another person with your gaze directed at his eyes (or heart), your physical emanations change and radiate attractive energy. Rapport begins

instantaneously. Sometimes, you can go so far with this technique that go be blinded by light and positive emotions. Lovers do this involuntarily when they gaze at each other full of love. Give this very simple technique a try.

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Imagine an emotion or even better a complete scene with the person of your desire. Now, imagine this scenes become an energy ball, gaze at the eyes the other person and transmit your energy ball. Wait for the positive reaction.

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