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Looks may count ....but


Looks count... about 40% of the time. What matters most is the overall presence you emanate. Granted, you're a 6 foot, golden haired Brad Pitt look alike. This would guarantee numerous whiplash injuries from women taking a second look. But do you think they would pursue if you don't make eye contact? If you slouched? If your conversation consisted of "Me, Myself and I"??

Hell no!

You must boost your presence to alpha male status.

Some tips:

1) Carry yourself high. Imagine a hidden cord attached to your crown and tugging it towards the sealing. You'll acquire an aristocratic posture.

2) Throw your shoulder's back a bit. Walk slowly but confidently.

3) Gesture with conviction.

4) Be enthusiastic

5) Take the proactive stance. Reactionists lose all the time. In the boardroom and the bedroom . Some guys take a "wait-and-see" attitude. They're second movers. They react to events. Let's call them the Type B's. Now, there are guys who take the plunge without hesitation. Inititiave flows in their blood. They don't wait for opportunities, they MAKE them. These are the Type A's. Any lovely female will tell you that they dig Type A's. These men exude superiority. Power radiates from them.. and you can tell a Type A even in a busy room. Type A's are so magnetic because they serve as the booming voice we'd all like to follow. A Type is is the firm tree that resists the howling wind. Type A's make their destiny.
Want to be a Type A? It's easy! Next time you hesistate, tell that inner voice of yours to shut up. Or maybe, wind that imaginary dial in your head that controls the volume of your inner voice. Then take action !

6) Dress like a million dollars because you ARE worth a million dollars.

7) Believe that you ARE worth a million dollars

8) Make sure you use the 20-80 rule. Eighty percent of the conversation has the word "You" and twenty percent has "I". Got that? People love to hear about themselves.

9) Use her name at least once every minute. It's magic to the ears.

10) Ask more questions. Listen more often that you're used too. We all hate a conversational monopolist.

11) Deploy humor. Watch the late night talk shows for tips on this.

12) Actually begin to use these tips!

Joey Plazo
Copyright 2004
Exceed International Empowered Development
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