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300 Second Seduction Technique

I experimentally developed a hypnotic technique that appears to rapidly induce a "waking trance" in the mind of your prospect, thereby opening them up to your patterns/suggestions/ NLP embeds. WIthin 300 seconds, the target's mind will be sufficiently mellowed to high alpha and whatever you say will be accepted as true.

Try this out and tell me how it works out for you

****The 300 Second Seduction*****

As your are seated, commence the standard NLP mirror and matching with the lady. Match the pace of and tone of her voice, as well as the breathing and body language.

Now, afix your gaze directly at the point right between her eyes and defocus (to soften the gaze). Now imagine that you can see the chakra between her eyes, see it as a silvery ball. Focus on a point 1 inch behind the skin-- this gives the effect of reading her mind and you will be perceived as very sensual.

Whatever you do, don't gaze into her eyes, just gaze at the chakra. This will induce the start of the hypnotic trance.

Activate your own chakra; feel heat between your third eye as you talk with her. Mentally rip open the chakra. After a minute, visualize a pink column of light emanating from your third eye to hers; feel a solid connection. Your minds will be strongly attuned and her thoughts will easily enter yours. Maintain the link the rest of the conversation. It helps to feel the link by imagining a hot light tube connecting your chakras.

180 seconds after you have begun the mirroring and matching, begin to "lead." Gradually slow down the pace and tone of your voice, as well as the movements of your arms and hands. Speak slowly, smoothly as though your voice flowed like honey. Make small breathy sighs at the end of your sentences. The sound will evoke sensually erotic thoughts in her mind. Do everything at a rate of 60 beats per second. You may begin to notice a glazed look in her eyes as she approaches high alpha. She will slow down, matching you. 240 seconds will have elapsed.

Here's where the fun part comes in. Start tracing slow, tiny circles in the table with your index finger. Let the rhthym go at slower than 60 beats per minute. While she consciously does NOT see you do this, her subconscious mind will perceive the subtle movements. Her heart rate, as well as brain patterns will slow down to MATCH the rhythmic movements you make. She will easily reach mid alpha-- prime time seduction time.

You can also begin swaying left to right (but make it very very subtle), in time with your finger tracing. The effect will be irresistibly hypnotic!! She will have no recourse but to align her rhthym with yours.

Within 300 seconds, her deep trance will have begun and you can bring in the big guns using the standard patterns you use: Borefriend destroyer, etc

Take note: do not break the trance by speeding by your tempo or making abrupt movements. Never take your eyes of her, nor break the chakra connection.

Reach out and occasionally touch her wrist at the pulse point while thinking very sensual thoughts. The thought will rapidly transfer to her mind. Do this smoothly.

I have experimented with this 8 times and it exceeded my expectations. Sometimes, you will literally have to snap your fingers to get her out of the trance!

Joseph Rinoza Plazo author of Ph.D of Persuasion and Psychic Seduction V -- http://www.xtrememind.com

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