Scripting process and inner guidance

Something I see all the time with people working with the law of attraction is that they will start to visualize their goal and they will quickly receiving inner guidance but they will not act upon it.

An important part of success with the law of attraction is precisely to follow the guidance you receive. That’s the way that $100 dollars wallet process came up to my awareness. Check out this video by Doreen Virtue. She explains the importance to follow your inner guidance when you use the law of attraction.

A few days ago, the inner guidance was for me to do the “Scripting process”. I’m not sure about the origin of the process. You can find it in the Abraham-Hicks material. I have done it yesterday, I scripted an event I want to happen I wrote the scenes, the dialogs etc… It was good because I went through all the ranges of emotions as if it was a real event. It is recommended that you do the scripting when you feel good. That why I do the scripting after 30 minutes of sending out love meditation.

I love this testimonial from the AbeForum:

Don’t forget – this is really really key – you should FEEL GOOD while writing. Abraham says that “everything we want, we want because we think in the having of it we will feel better.” Abraham also says “feel good to feel good, not to get the manifestation”! So the processes they offer are not “recipes” for manifestation. They are ideas for focusing. The act of writing, as has already been mentioned, is an act of FOCUS, so the Universe is getting a big concentrated dose of your vibration as you write. So check your vibration before you script. Put yourself in the virtual reality of your desire, and if it feels GREAT, start writing!! You are creating worlds!! When I look back at things I scripted that are now part of my life, or are experiences I’ve already had, I am amazed at the power of this process. JODY