Review: Levels of energy by Frederick Dodson

level of energyBy now, I read “Levels Of Energy” several times. The book explains that at various levels of consciousness corresponds to various levels of energy. Depending where you are on the scale it would be advisable not to aim too higher for your current level. People move up the ladder of level of consciousness by understanding and accepting more of who they are. At the bottom of the scale, there is almost no self-acceptance at the top, there is a total acceptance of ALL THAT IS.

In the Dodson book, the scale goes from 0 to 1000, from 0 to 199 you have “negative” energy, from 200 to 250 you have a fairly neutral energy. At 275 there is the beginning of saying “YES” to life. 320 to 380 says “YES!” to life they are the successful entrepreneurs of the world with high productivity.

The 400s energy level is involved with science, the mind, the art. This is the level of most classical music, natural science and most philosophy. Superstars also reside in the high 400s.
That why business (380) use stars (460) to promote their products.

500 marks the beginning of genuine spiritual energy. 600 is the level of knowing WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Above 600 it is possible to experience cosmic consciousness (the concept that the universe exists as an interconnected network of consciousness).

The book is very entertainment and Dodson take the time to measure all sort of things people, places and concepts. You will learn a lot from reading this book It will also boost your energy, to some extent.

I highly recommend this book, for some people it will bring some revelation. For example, many people who chant peace and love, the hippie’s style aren’t talking about the genuine LOVE (500) but a melting pot of boredom and contentment measuring in the low 200.
NLP is not the state of the art technology for personal change. NLP measures in the 300s.
On the other hand, the Sedona Method measures in the high 400.
When you read the book, it will be easier to determine what kind of teaching is worth pursuing.

Thumb up to the book!
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