Reprogramming the Human Biocomputer

The ability of a person to change their own brain, was first suggested in scientific literature in 1890 by philosopher and psychologist William James. In the modern science of neuroplasticity, brain cells and new neural pathways are intentionally created through mental and physical exercises. In much the same way a musician makes physical changes to the structure of the brain simply by practicing musical exercises, stroke victims can train their brains to recreate lost abilities.

All life is simply vibration and, as we have seen, your DNA creates your life based upon the frequency of the vibration it receives. Fear generates a low frequency energy field, whereas love generates a high frequency energy field. Different frequency bands activate different codes within your DNA. For example, your body contains a code that when unlocked will manifest a feeling of peacefulness so profound it will actually silence the thoughts passing through your mind. However, your genes can only create this state when you send extremely high frequency energy to your cells.

It is this ability of DNA to weave light around itself that reveals its true hidden role within your body — to act as a superconductor whose sole purpose is to exponentially increase the frequency passing in and out of your body. This in turn leads to a complete transmutation of the fabric of your being. This very rare phenomenon is theoretically known as a transposition burst and involves the sudden and synchronised movement of thousands of DNA elements inside your body to new and different genetic locations. It signifies the extraordinary birth of a completely new kind of human being — homo sanctus — the sacred human.

So we know that our thoughts can result in changes in our internal physical structure, but if they also travel as transmissions of information instantaneously through our quantum reality, don’t you begin to wonder how much your thoughts change the Future of your physical body … ?