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Bummed Out By The “Shifty Eye Syndrome”? Make Him Love You Hard With This!

Are you stuck with a guy who has the ‘shifty eye syndrome’? Or maybe you’re in a relationship with a man whose neck would break to get a peek at anything with legs;meanwhile you’re collecting dust over in the corner, wondering if he’ll ever see you that way again. You might not realize it just […]

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Why Is It That Men Can’t Say What They Mean, Or Do What They Say?

It’s that moment where you feel as though a man sounds downright hypocritical, dishonest, inconsiderate, deceptive, manipulative, and disloyal. You know what I’m talking about…it’s the moment when you realize that men say things they don’t mean. It’s that eye opening realization that men say one thing, but mean the EXACT opposite; and that men […]

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