How to build a magnetic aura and intense charisma for seduction and success !

In his book about magnetism Theron Q. Dumont explains how to build an intense aura to have charisma and irresistible attraction. His book is written in old prose and many readers don’t get what he is talking about.

It is not complicated to decipher the essence of his teaching and to apply it today also in one his book Charles Cosimano explains also a technique for attraction. The secret is to re-program your energy field so when people come around you, they are irresistibly attracted to you.

The first step to re-program your energy field is to have above normal energy, it is easily accomplished if you do energy work such as Robert Bruce N.E.W or Tai chi – Qi Gong.

You will have  to also clean your energy, if you have strong resentment and phobic response toward the kind of people, you want to attract, you will have to heal that from your energy field. Use EFT, NLP, Hypnosis to get rid of limiting beliefs.
Your limiting beliefs will get in the way if you keep them.

Now, you have to install a joy response to the people you want to attract, so create a positive scenario in your mind and feel what it will be like to have what you want. You must really feel happy. If this is too complicated try to use a happy memory of your favorite pet when your kid or something like that. Once you have a scenario that make you feel happy about the people you want to attract.
You can start to visualize your aura expanding and affecting people imagine their response how they are happy being around you, also use your previous scenario to imagine the way that yourself is going to feel. You have to imagine both your reaction and the reaction of people.

You will have to do Chi-breathing when doing this exercise, on the breath out imagine the Chi energizing your visualization. It will give it life and strength. You can do this conditioning standing up at front of the mirror or at front of pictures of the kind of people you want to attract or lying down on your bed eyes closed.

This conditioning should be at least 1 month long, if you stick to it, you will see the effect. If you have a tendency to get sidetracked , use an affirmation during the exercise such as “Each day, I m more and more attractive”

A good habit to keep your energy clean is to do the Donna Eden – Energy Routine, also you should exercise everyday, do some sports. Your energetic vitality is important, if you want to succeed at this. There is also some Energy Medicine that help to expand your aura so studying EM is worth it.

Become Irresistibly Sexually Magnetic

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    help me to make my aura positive and attractive

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