Remote Seduction Does Work!

You might have read about the ability of remote seduction the technique to create a telepathic connection through space and time and transmit your intent or send sensual thoughts so the receiver think favorably about you. May be, you have tried it. You tried to remote seduce that someone special from your past or you tried on a co-worker, but it wasn’t successful. Why It works for some people and not for you. Let examine together a couple of possibilities.

1 – Skepticism

You can only experience what you accept, if you have a belief that it might not work then it will certainly not work. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. You need to cultivate a positive expectation that you can remotely influence someone else.
Everything you see with your eyes is vibration. The content of your dream at night , what you visualize all of that vibrate. We create our reality and what we create are vibrating pictures for us to see and learn and experience from. In ‘traditional seduction’ a person will be interested to seduce someone if the seducer has a favorable opinion of himself/herself, the belief of self-worth will be picked-up by others. When others pick-up the thought that the seducer is worthy then they will feel more attracted. The seducer vibrates love in the form of self-worth which is highly attractive. That is why the more you have self-confidence the more attraction you will have.

With ‘remote seduction’ you send thoughts to make another person feel good and attracted to you. That’s why if you have a strong sense self-worth and good level of self-love your results will be boosted and most impressive because the thoughts you send will be colored with your positive image about yourself. The best thoughts to send are thoughts of appreciation, respect, admiration and love. However, you can only radiate that to the degree you have these emotions for yourself. A powerful remote seduction technique is the PowerFEEL, you can read about it on our blog here.

2 – Lack of training

Another barrier to master remote seduction is the lack of training or skill. Learn to enter in the theta state and you will be one step ahead. You can learn to access theta by reading this article. It is well known that psychic abilities are associated with theta brain-wave patterns. You can also learn to improve your concentration, I think that the main problem with most people is their lack of concentration.
As you soon as you can concentrate well, you will see an improvement in your psychic practice, guarantee!

3 – Trying too hard

Some of you can be desperate to seduce a particular person this attitude can be a problem, because in fact, it express a need and a need is really looking at a lack of something. So when you do remote seduction in this condition you are also sending that vibration of lack which push the person you try to seduce further away from you.
Important lesson here: Do not attempt remote seduction from a state of lack or desperation.
Once you have solved all the three barriers listed above, remote seduction will be a lot easier and more fun. There is also a last problem by thinking that you are doing something unethical.
About that I have to say that remote seduction is no different that using your sense of humor to gain rapport with someone else. Whn you use remote seduction you are just communicating in a more direct fashion.
Hope this information will help you develop this fascinating skill.

Let me know in the comment section your experience with remote seduction ?

1 thought on “Remote Seduction Does Work!

  1. Good, sensible advice,
    When I was younger, I was able to attract people remotely by issuing mental and verbal commands while they slept, during their REM sleep. The results were dramatic, but volatile and short-lived. You are correct that oppression does not create an enduring connection. I would recommend the use of mental force only for control and revenge. Otherwise, for a caring, respectful, loving connection, the recommendations in this article are the best and mature approach.
    Unfortunately, without any effort on my part at all, married men seem attracted to me. It could just be that the “type” of man with whom I have chemistry happens to marry early and uphold monogamy, but it certainly fills me with regret that I wasn’t interested in that type of wholesome man when I was younger.

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