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Better than any love spells easier than complex mind control system.

Below is a post , I did a few years ago in the Ultimate Seduction List.

Here is the technique , I used to get a new girlfriend. You can use the technique to get a new lover with certain qualities that you want or to get this particular person even if you have seen this person just one time briefly (as I did it).
I recommend , that you do the technique before you go to sleep it will help you , then to forget the process. Because it is necessary to forget about what you did. But of course , you can do it anytime in the day.

1. Close your eyes and imagine the body of your new lover real size in 3D , the body must be without skin color , but it can be a gold , crystal , transparent it depend do what your mind whisper to do .Personally , my lover body is transparent with a blue halo .

2. start making love with your lover thought form . Be as realistic as you can, you must feel the body when you touch it .Always neglect the face , you risk to concentrate on a particular person and it creates resistance from that person unless you have higher remote influence power. If you want to boost your remote influence power take up an energy work routine such as yoga or tai chi, do a concentration drill and soon you will have better ability.

3. While doing love with your lover thought-form , think about his or her qualities , say to yourself 'I like your (hair color, eyes color ,...),
I enjoy the way your <qualities> ", and continue this dialogue . Picture
the qualities of your lover as vapor inside his/her body.

4. When you feel ready , you now have to transfer your energy inside your lover thought form from your penis or vagina inside her/his body.
In the way, I do it my energy , it is a blue vapor but do what works best for you. We are all different.

5. You can repeat step 3 and 4 as long as you want or you can decide to end the procedure. When it is finish don't think about it anymore. Forget it completely it is important.

If done properly you will see result in a few hours or days. It was the case for me. Also when I met my new lover ,she was ga-ga with me, and she had dilated pupils , it was all good.




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