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Remote influence


Remote influence is always an hot topic in all psychics and magick communities . The reason to this , is that remote influence is not difficult to achieve .Remote influence is a very old practice . Old tradition of shamans , Voodoo and Huna have remote influence techniques. In the past, they were mostly used for healing, curse and war.

In the end of the 19th century, Dr. Julien Ochorowicz decided to investigate the phenomena of remote influence. After, several observations and experiments , he concluded that remote influence is a very real phenomena , he consigned his research in the book 'La suggestion mental' translated in English under the title 'Mental Dominance - Classics of Personal Magnetism and Hypnotism'.

 For example , the KaHuna magicians had a technique to end the life of their enemies. That technique consisted to invoke the spirits to suck up the vital force of the victim until he become so weak that he die from sickness.

Nowadays , it's even easier to do remote influence . Techniques can be learned and mastered in a short time. This is due to change on this planet (learn about those changes here ). Many systems are available just for that. Some of them are specialized into seduction , that's the case of :

Wendi - Remote Seduction

This system will help , if you are interested in someone who has zero interest for you. It will make the person aware of you and help you to ignite some sympathy between you and this person. You still have to use traditional seduction to close the deal.


This is a Windows software based on radionic . The author claims , its system can make someone fall in love with you or at least , a person will be attracted to you.

Some people that I know , told me this system works fine. But , then it require to run the software daily during 15 to 30 days to see result. The author has a 15 days trial version available.

Psychic Seduction

 This is Joe Plazo system based on energy manipulation and telepathy , easy to learn , easy to master. As long as you are able to enter the theta state and concentrate to keep a clear intent. Being a master in energy is not required for good result , but It does help greatly.

Remote Influencing course by Gerald O Donnell ( Academy of Remote Viewing )

This is the most accomplish system. The best of the cream, Gerald O' Donnell guide you step by step to develop your body of light , develop skill in energy manipulation ,telepathy, remote influence and remote viewing.

So what to use remote influence for ?

Well, the very best application , you can do with this , is to improve your life. For example , you can send positive images of yourself to the people you know, you can send healing energy to someone sick, love to your someone special, there is plenty of application that are good for this skill. It works also backward , you can get influence and ideas , if you need to solve a complex problem , you can connect with thousand of minds to get the solution. Try it and have fun.

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