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Remote Influence and mind reading Courses

RI or remote influencing are techniques to help you to change yourself at deep level using hypnosis RI can also used to attract events , people and influence other persons.


Remote Influencing : Reality and Thought

This is the best remote influence system and course around. Gerald O Donnell Remote influencing allows you to become a Master at generating your own fate and future, attract the people and situations you desire,  and not be subject anymore to and enslaved by the general "system" of  mass consciousness .

Consists of one book,  an album containing 10 training CDs and 3 CDs with Ebook and audio instruction.

Price : $ 277.00

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Extreme Power Level III Mind Re-Engineer Programme

Utilizing state-of-the-art subliminal programing, binaural beats and NLP affirmations, you can now: Expand your aura and increase your chi flow Acquire a charismatic personality Boost your confidence and assertiveness Digitally mastered onto a single CD are 3 MP3 tracks at CD quality 320kbps. Each track contains a matrix of subliminals and mind altering harmonics .

Price : $ 97

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Silva Ultramind's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
by Dennis Higgins and John La Tourrette, Ph.D.

This audio-course will teach you.

How to transform your health, your relationships, you career and business and your personal development.

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