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Real Freedom

Real Freedom allows Creativity to grow.

Creative Freedom

We all have Creative Freedom.
Alas, we are not all free to use it.
Those that know they have creative freedom are free to use it.
Those that believe that there is a price to pay for it, restrict their ability to use it.
We are all free to create our own reality unless we choose not to.
We are all free to experience creative freedom, unless we choose not to.
I am free not to choose to be creative, if I so choose.
I am free to choose my freedom, as I am free to restrict my freedom, as much or as little as I choose to.
I am free of everything that I am not attached to.
My freedom comes with my Detachment.
My sensitivity to the world in which I live is the essence of my freedom.
My Creative Freedom requires my Sensitive Detachment.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech is not granted or inhibited by someone else.
It is attained when my ‘Speech’ allows my ‘Freedom’.
When I am no longer a slave to what I say, I attain freedom of speech.
When my speech expresses my freedom, I have freedom of speech.
When my speech expresses my limitations, I have lost my freedom of speech.
Limitations are not my truth and they will limit my freedom.
Boundaries are not my truth and they will limit my freedom.
When I speak of my boundaries and my limitations, my speech is limiting my freedom.
When I believe that I have freedom of speech, I believe that I have been granted it and that I may lose it.
When I know that I have freedom of speech, I know that my speech always liberates me, because it is always an expression of my Truth.
I am always free to speak my Truth.
I can only speak my Truth once I know my Truth.

Freedom of Thought

Speaking my Truth requires Freedom of Thought.
Most people are free to think whatever they choose, or so they think.
My ability to think is limited to my past experiences and my ability to remember them.
My ability to connect with my thoughts is not the same as my ability to think.
Thoughts that are a reflection of my Truth are not easy to connect to.
Intuitively inspired revelations are not thoughts that flow freely to many.
Few have learned to reconnect to their ability to reveal intuitively creative inspiration freely.
Intuitively inspired revelations express the truth of my creativity.
My Truth is free and allows my freedom, yet does not appear through the process of rational thinking.
Being free to think does not always allow freedom of thought or my thoughts to flow freely.
What restricts my freedom of thought and free flowing thoughts are my beliefs about my lack of freedom and my ability to think.
The lack of truth that exists in my life acts as a resistance and a restriction to any thought of freedom.
Freedom of thought arrives with every thought of freedom.

Freedom of Action

Few people believe in Freedom of Action.
Most people believe that being able to do whatever you choose, whenever you want, should not be allowed.
To this end, every nation, society, religion, culture, creed and civilisation has made rules and laws governing what Man can and cannot do.
We are only free to do within our society what our society declares we are free to do.
We are only free to act with what the consensus of people, within our society, have deemed to be correct and lawful behaviour.
When we act in a way that is seen to be detrimental to others, our freedom to act is taken away.
Society believes that the only way that we can be free to act is to have our freedom to act limited by society.
Normal actions are allowed and abnormal actions are disallowed.
Creativity is stifled when new actions have first to be vetted and approved.
Acting from personal truth is discouraged in favour of the belief in the right actions of a just society.
A just society does not allow freedom of action.

The Reality of Freedom

Freedom is not real until it is created.
Reality is created through a process of thought, word and deed.
In reality, True Freedom requires ‘freedom of thought’, ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of action’.
My thoughts become my beliefs that become the behaviour of my actions.
What is real to me is the experience that my thoughts, my words and my actions have created for my Self to experience.
To experience freedom, I first have to create it.
To create freedom, I first have to define it.
To define freedom, I first have to realise what freedom means to me.
When I know what freedom means to me, I can then speak it.
When I speak of freedom and know it to be my Truth, I can then realise it.
When I realise my freedom, it becomes my reality and I can then experience it.
When I can experience the freedom of my reality, I know the Reality of my Freedom.
That’s Real Freedom.

Keith Collins
The Inner Coach
April 2011
Life Coaching for Personal Spiritual Development & Growth

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