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Radionics is a technique similar to radiesthesia working with a instrument a box with buttons to set rate, the radionics practitioner use his device to make diagnostic and send energy to heal humans, animals and plants. Nowaday, radionics is also used for remote viewing, telepathy and manifestation.

In the radionics theory everything is energy and energy vibrates, each thing vibrate at its own rate. In healing for instance : A distortion in the vibration of an organ cause an imbalance in the human energy field then the illness appear to cure the illness the healer will use what is called a balance rate and set it on his device. The use of symbols is also very important in radionics and specially in modern radionics based on software. The color orange can be used in radionics practice to represent prosperity and pride. They are all sort of symbols for all sort of purposes. The radionics software Cybershaman has a large bank of symbols from various magical tradition. Basically, working with a radionics device is manipulating energy with an intent to achieve a result. No more no less, radionics enthusiast often work with orgone generator. An orgone generator is a machine supposed to produce Chi (the subtle energy), western scientist call this energy Orgone. Orgone was discovered in 1946 by Wilhelm Reich . the combination of Radionics device and Orgone generator make this practice even more useful and fast in results. As the intent is heavily charged with energy. We can say that today radionics is the modern way to perform magic.

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