Purified Heart Chakra Meditation Unleash Incredible Body Energy

Heart chakra meditation is an isolated adaptation of chakra meditation. The heart chakra is just one of seven chakras present in the human body, but it’s a considerable one. It differentiates itself from the other ones by its more important function and profitable effects on spiritual growth. The procedure for that specific type of meditation is basically just like a standard chakra meditation; only, it’s focused more intensely and for a longer interval of time on this specific chakra. The method is simple and not used enough by beginners. Heart chakra meditation unleashes a really powerful energy that profits the entire body and mind, and it’s open to anyone.

The heart chakra is chakra number four; it’s the central one located in the middle of the chest; and relates to relationships, compassion, and love. Heart chakra meditation is meant to keep this chakra clear or unblock it. The chakra can be blocked if you are feeling depression or fear. The common belief is that all of the seven chakras have to be balanced and synchronized. Even though I don’t imply that this is wrong, I think it’s actually only the beginning. Heart chakra meditation allows to enlarge the heart chakra to include everything there is. I put forward that all chakras are subordinate to the heart chakra.

The chakra is situated at the center of our physical body. It’s exactly in the middle of the three lower chakras linked to the physical realm, and the three upper chakras united to the spiritual realm. Being the center of all chakras, if it’s larger, more balanced, and more inclusive, all the other chakras will be synchronized easier.

Heart chakra meditation method is rather easy to execute. Begin by sitting in a comfortable stance; just make sure your spine is somewhat straight. Inhale with your palms together lightly pressing the knuckles of your thumbs into your sternum. You will feel a small notch at the level of your heart where the knuckles will fit just right. Gently close your eyes and breathe slowly and profoundly with your whole upper body. Focus solely on the air moving in and out of your body; feel everything about your breath, forgetting about everything else. Once your body and mind feel relaxed, direct your focus to your thumbs and feel the beating of your heart. Hold this focus for anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes.


The second stage of heart chakra meditation consists of seeing the energy flooding your entire body. After the first step, softly release your hands and rub your palms together to make them very warm and energized. Then, place your right hand in the center of your chest and your left hand on the top right. Your eyes are still closed and you see and feel the massive amount of radiant energy invading your entire body as an emerald green light. Feel the energy flowing from your heart to every part of your body and back to your heart during 2 to 5 minutes.

During the last stage of heart chakra meditation, slowly liberate the hands and turn the palms up with the elbows bent and relaxed shoulders. Feel and imagine the green light coming out of your body and being spread into the world. To put an end to your session, inhale the arms up as high as you can to bond with the spiritual realm, and then exhale the hands lightly pressed on the floor to unite with the physical realm. Before you move on with the remainder of your day, take a moment, open your eyes, and get back into reality.

The heart chakra meditation is that easy. To learn a little bit more about chakra meditation and chakra in general, I clearly recommend you drop in on Steven Adams’s http://www.meditate-for-beginners.com where you will discover very dependable and relevant documents completely free. There are also audio files you can obtain to make concentrating on your heart chakra meditation easier.

-Mark Thomas-

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