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By Tortue

Psychometry is from the Greek words Psyche , meaning ‘soul’ and metron meaning ‘measure’. Psychometry consist to read the memory of an object . How is it possible , I will explain a possible theory. All objects are made of atoms and all atoms are made of particles. Now, it has been said by many that our Universe is holographic [Datre,2003] ,[Talbot,92] , each particle contain the consciousness of the whole.

Therefore , objects have their own kind of consciousness. Have you ever heard of the moving rocks, how a rock can move ? Have ever asked you this question ? There are moving rocks in the Death Valley.

Moving rocks

Now , there is people who buy crystals in new age shops and they have the idea to make a pendant with that. They make a hole in the crystal and they find out in some case that the hole close again by itself. The crystal doesn’t want to have a hole in it , how come ? Because they have their own form of consciousness . If you want to learn more about this theory , I recommend the following books. We are Datre , book 2 and Seth Speaks , Jane Roberts .

Let get practical now , many psychics and mediums use psychometry to make their reading . In order to do that , you need first to be aware of your own energy. How do you feel when you are alone in your house, how do you feel when you are in your friend’s house, how do you feel when you are in a forest , in park , in train, in airport , in a shopping mall. It ‘s necessary to learn to be able to monitor how you respond to different energies from different environments . Develop your sense of observation , because if you want to be good at psychometry, it’s necessary. You cannot be good if you consider all things the same , all rocks the same for instance.

When you are ready to make a psychometry reading:

Put the object you want to read at front of you on a table.

Find a comfortable place and relax .

Close your eyes and imagine a blank screen .

Now hold the object you want to read in your hand.

Relax some more and let images, ideas and impressions come to your awareness.

Do not censor , take notes of them , even if you feel you are making it up.

When you finished , try to verify the accuracy of the information you gathered.

Recommended Books:

the PK manThe Pk Man: A True Story of Mind over Matter - Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D

We are Datre - book II - Aona

seth speaksSeth Speaks - a seth book - Jane Robert

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