Psychometry Vs Dermo-Optics

When discussing parapsychology, I often get asked about the differences between psychometry and dermo-optics, and I have come to realize that there exists a bit of confusion between the two. Although both abilities utilize the sense of touch, the similarities pretty much stop there. Let me explain as simply as I can.


As an example; if you have ever witnessed a Psychic on television handling an object, (such as an article of clothing, etc.) involved in a missing persons case, and he/she by touch alone was able to describe the events that surrounded the object, possibly with enough detail that they were able to help lead the police to the person they were looking for; then you were witnessing the Psychic as he/she demonstrated Psychoscopy; or Psychometric ability.

By definition, psychometry, (which comes from the Greek words “psyche “: meaning soul or mind, and “metron “: meaning to measure) is defined as the ability to read the character, surroundings or influences of a person or object, by the sense of touch alone. Or, one might simply refer to it as the “measuring of the soul. “

In theory, it is believed that whenever an object is handled by a person, intangible traces of the contact are left behind. This seems to be especially true when there are extreme emotional feelings taking place during the time of the contact. Paragnosts (people with paranormal knowledge), are seemingly able to hone in on those feelings and in some cases are able to “see ” the events that took place at the time the object was “imprinted. “

Dermo-Optical Perception (D.O.P., Dermo-Optics, Dermal Optics)

Dermo-Optics joins the words, “dermo “: referring to the skin, and “optics “: revering to vision, therefore it is literally known as “Skin Vision “.

People with dermo-optic perception are seemingly able to see colors, read printed materials, view photographs, etc. not with the use of their physical eyes, but with the use of their skin alone. In other words, they can literally “see ” with the surface of their skin.

It is believed that the first cases of D.O.P. were discovered near the turn of the century, however, it was in the 1920’s that Jules Romaines, a French novelist was successfully able to demonstrate through experimental research that there were certain individuals who could actually read newspapers despite the fact that they were completely blindfolded. Later in 1962, a Russian woman named Rosa Kuleshova was also discovered with the dermal-optic ability to read printed materials, accurately describe photographs (even through glass) and the like; again, all while completely blindfolded.


So as you can see, there is a stark contrast between psychometry and dermo-optics. One, (psychometry) is the psychic ability to see the events surrounding an object through the use of touch alone; and the other, (dermo-optics) is the ability to actually “see ” the object by simply touching it with the surface of the skin.

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