Psychometry Is the Technique of Obtaining Information From Physical Objects

Psychometry is the technique of obtaining information from physical objects. It provides you with the ability to gain knowledge and information through touching an object. The skill of psychometry is in the act of reading, or detecting the energy and vibrations. The theory behind psychometry is based on the fact that each and every item in the universe possesses its own unique vibration, and that these vibrations contain information.

Psychometry is not really a method, but a psychic skill which can be honed and enhanced with practice and use. It is a type of psychic divination using the sense of touch.

The key to success at psychometry is practice. The following is an effective exercise that you can use to get a feel for psychometry:

Place several different items in a container. For instance, rocks, crystals, plant parts, fabric, tissue paper, plastic, or any diverse assortment of items. Clear your mind and take an item out of the container. Grasp it in your hand and sense what it is and where it came from.

The impression you are looking for is not a tactile feeling, but a sensation or impression, a subtle vibration. You are not trying to identify the object, or even receive a “message” from the object. Your primary goal is actually to use your creative thinking to help you feel the vibrations and sensations which are originating from within the item you are holding.

Since everything in the universe has a vibratory rate, this kind of exercise is actually intended to help you differentiate between these various nuanced vibrations. Vibration is what renders each item its own manifested form. Denser objects have heavier vibrations. Thinner, softer, or more porous objects have got a distinctly different vibratory feel. Through practice in sensing the differences in these types of subtle vibrations, you will quickly be able to more easily pick up vibrations in items in your daily life.

Go with your first thoughts. Observe the various vibrations, unique feelings, and impressions. These are quite subtle at first. So if you think you feel something, you do. Have confidence in it and say it out loud. This kind of exercise can be practiced at home during your meditative times.

In addition, I recommend that you write down what you sense in order to ground the thought so that it does not get quickly forgotten, but at the same time you can just let it go. You don’t have to worry about remembering it once it is written down. Be aware that the next time you pick up the same object, you may well get a very different experience. So, don’t get too attached to each experience; simply experience it, and move on. One of the reasons for these differences is that the simple act of you holding this object affects, and potentially permanently changes, its vibrational energy. Your own energy has an effect on everything you touch, and of course, if it has had any contact with anyone else in between times, that also will affect it.

Enjoy your new abilities of exploring subtle energies! Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do this. You may receive very different vibrations or sensations than what you expect, or even what others might experience. That is perfectly normal. Just feel it, and permit it to run through you without getting your brain involved in trying to interpret the feelings.

Some people who practice psychometry can only see what is going to happen in the future. Most people, on the other hand, get feelings from the past or from the present time only. It is a straightforward human ability which all of us possess, but we generally block it out. At this point, in order to develop this ability, you just have to use it again, as frequently as possible.

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