Psychometry, Also Known As, Psychic Touch

weird secrets about menPsychometry is the ability to read the energy of an object by utilizing touch. It is one of the most basic skills and the most easiest skill to learn in the shortest amount of time.

In as little as a few hours to a few days of practice, one can easily become proficient in their ability to read objects by simply understanding the following:

    • All objects only appear to be a solidity. They are actually atoms vibrating at high rates of speed and slamming together being held in place by an unseen force which gives the appearance of solid mass.
    • All things absorb energy from things that are around them. For example, one can easily feel the warning coming from a person or animal. This is referred to as heat energy. A glass holding ice water will absorb the cold. Thus these two examples easily establish that all thing absorb the energies of the things around them.
  • All objects are composed of the same things–atomic particles, which project several types of energies (magnetic, heat, cold, electrical, and the body’s natural aura or force field)

In Psychometry the hands are used for the detective work and the body is the detector. Each hand serves a purpose. If you are right handed typically the right hand projects and the left hand absorbs. Reverse this if you are left handed but it is best to experiment to see which role which hand plays. However for informational purposes the left hand is connected to the right brain. The right brain is where creative imaging resides. Again you may have to experiment to see which hand is dominant and most sensitive. Once you have determined which hand is dominant, you should never pick up any object with the dominant hand when you are using pschometry skill because that hand will actually imprint your energy onto the object.

You can try this experiment to determine which hand is the dominant hand so you never use it during psychometry.

    • Hold your left hand up at chest level and facing your right side as if you are going to pray.
    • Place your right hand up facing your left hand holding your hands between 6 to 8 inches apart.
    • Bend the fingertips of your right hand and face them towards the palm of your left hand. Move your fingers back and forth slowly and see if you feel a current. Closing your eyes may help you feel the current more easily.
  • If you feel absolutely no current. Try this process again but this time bend the fingertips of your left hand and repeat the process.

Whichever hand you feel the current, that is your dominant hand (the projector) and you should never use that hand to hold an object or touch and object for psychometry purposes. If you do, you run the risk of imprinting your energy. Always pick up objects or touch objects with your receptor hand. This is the hand that absorbs the energy from the object.

How to hold an object:

There are no right or wrong ways to hold or touch an object. It is up to the individual to determine what works best for them. You can lightly place your fingertips on an object, put an object between your thumb and index finger, lay an object in your palm, or wrap your hand like a fist around the object. Practicing with the various ways will help you determine which process creates the most sensitivity to the energy of the object you are reading for you.

Typically these are the various ways that works best, but again it is your preference.

  • Photos – placing your whole palm on the back of the photo.
  • Small Objects – closed fist.
  • Larger Objects – finger tips.

When you are just beginning to learn this skill, vary the methods you use and experiment. You can even use other body parts. Some people the back of the hand is super sensitive or the neck. Don’t be afraid to try different things. There are no wrong ways to do things here.

What is some of the information that can be received from utilizing Psychometry?

  • Past
  • Future
  • Events
  • Past ownership
  • Color
  • History
  • Images

Experiments you can do using Psychometry using simple things around your house.

A deck of playing cards, tablet, and pencil. Only deal 3 cards at a time.

First take a red suited card and turn it over facing down. Cup your receiving hand over the card and feel the energy of the red card. Notice does it feel warm? It should the color red usually feels warm. Do the same thing for a black suited card. Once you established what it feels like for each suit color red or black, shuffle the deck. Place a card on the table face down. Place your receiving hand cupped over the card. Feel the energy. Again Red suits the card should feel warm and Black suits, the card should feel cool. Ask yourself does the energy feel hot or cold. If it feels cold on your tablet write Card #1 – Black. Continue this for 2 more cards until you have information written down for 3 cards. Do this 3 more times. Then score yourself. Each entry is worth 1 point. 3 or more is a good score. A score of 7 is considered extremely high. Continuing practicing this test until you feel confident on your skill.

You can move on next with the card experiment and now use closed eye imagery to determine if it is red and diamond or hearts or black and spades or clubs. You will be using your minds eye to “see”. Experiment which works best for you, cupped palm over card or just fingertips.

If you are not adept at imagery in order to stimulate your minds eye in order to gain information from an object, close your eyes and try to imagine first something you have, like your car, your spouse, a child. Next imagine a sunflower. See the yellow petals and the brown center. If you were able to see that image of the daisy, move on to a rose, specifically a red rose. Red is the easiest color to create in your mind’s eye. Next visualize that the rose has changed to another color. If you were successful, continue on and try different colors.

Practicing and using closed eye imagery will help you in the future because it gives you a better opportunity to learn. With much practice in the future you will not have to close your eyes. You will be able to see images with your eyes open.

The key to becoming adept at pscyhometry or any skill is to practice daily. For the card experiment even just practicing a few moments before bed, will keep you in the habit of repeating which is key for learning. The brain learns by repetition.

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