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Psychokinesis (PK)

By Tortue

One evening late in December 1985 Ted Owens phoned to parapsychologist Jeffrey Mishlove to warn him in an angry voice that the NASA must cancel the next space shuttle flight. A month later , on January 1986 , Seventy three seconds into the flight, the Challenger space shuttle was lost forever.

Ted Owens was an expert into PK , many are his exploits . First of all, what is psychokinesis, this is a parapsychology term to define a process of control on mind over matter. Parapsychologist J.B Rhine conducted research on PK in the 30’s . His conclusion let think that simple act such as raising your arm is a PK phenomena.

Now, for those of you, who are familiar with Seth or Datre material know according to them that consciousness create physicality , consciousness create matter and not the other way around . The only reason why most of us don’t do extraordinary thing such as levitation is in the belief system. Early in the 20th century , you may have heard of peoples doing levitation, telekinesis, channeling, mind control and other thing like that.

Ted Owens claimed that he was able to influence weather on large area and he did it apparently. He influenced weather pattern over California , the United Kingdom . In 1976 , he sent a letter to famous parapsychologist Puthoff and Targ from SRI. He said, he will pour and pour rains onto and into the state of California. A few days later, California was hit by a storm several storms were to follow . It is often difficult to make difference between PK and precognition (seeing the future) . I personally have experienced this too , on a rainy day, I wished so much that the day after will be sunny and He was . I live in area where he rarely snow , I one time wished snow and he snowed during one week just the day after my wish. Yet, I have no idea if I made prediction or PK.

I was one time walking in the street and whished to see someone , less than 3 minutes later , I met the person , was it a prediction ? or a form of teleportation ?

Following the Seth material ,I shifted my consciousness into a probable reality where the meeting occurred . In fact if you follow this theory , it says that all possibilities and probabilities exists in same time because of our free will , we are able to choose the experience we want actualize. Here actualize means that our physical construct experience a chosen reality with our consciousness focused on it. Events you don’t choose will also occur but you will not perceive them at all. Unless you are able to experience several realities at once (multi-location).

Now , because we limit ourselves with our belief system . We need a special form of work when we want to actualize a certain type of reality or experience. This work is often called manifestation. The fact is that everything is manifestation , the trick consist to adopt the less limiting belief system for our advantage. There is no magic into psychokinesis or put it in another way everything is indeed magic. Why as a whole the humanity is attracted to film such as The Matrix, Lord of the ring, Spiderman or Harry Potter. Because they have a certain aspect of magic that we want to experience . We want to push the envelop of our mass consciousness . This is will be translated by a self that we will be capable of doing more thing . More and more people are learning about manifestation processes, remote viewing , Telekinesis and many other things. It will be interesting to observe where our societies will be in a couple of decade.

Recommended Books:

The PK man - Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D

We are Datre - Aona

The nature of personal reality - a seth book - Jane Robert

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