Psychics, Psychic Ability, Psychic Readings

The modern word psychic actually originates from Greek language, in Greek it is called “psychikos ” (meaning of the soul) therefore we can say it has something to do with ones soul – spirit. And in our modern times when the word psychic is mentioned people have very imaginative ideas about this subject, some people imagine that it is a gift only few selected people has power over it.

Some people think psychics communicate to ghosts, dead spirits, some people think it is the ability to see the past and future, and some think it is God given gift and some uninformed people even think it is evil. Therefore let me assure you  what psychic ability is, psychic ability is an ability to summon the power of ones soul at will, It is learning and living with our true essence, that we are spiritual, and expanding on this subject, it is the pure understanding that our essence is spirit, and following this path of our spirit. And each and every soul (spirit) is pure in its essence, and every person can summon this gift that is within them, if they choose to learn to do so. It is living ones journey being receptive and open to highest spiritual assistance, it is an ability of being aware and conscious of spiritual force of life, with ability to trust and being guided by the ever powerful force of the universe.


Psychic ability is an ability everybody has power over. It is a disguised capacity you own and is demonstrated each time you display intuition, which you do and should possess. Such awareness comes from the universal law Just as we have our normal five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, smelling and tasting – this psychic talent ability is recognized as the seer, when an individual has learned how to open the curtains of his or her heart, then, when utmost focus of the heart from the gifted soul (everyone’#8217;s soul is gifted and sacred) is being redirected to right channels , will see things that are not typically perceptible to untrained eyes or senses, this humanly gift that each person possesses, it just has to be refined with years of training and guidance. As you may be conscious that psychic readings are an insight to situations events one might like to increase their awareness and understanding about.

Psychic ability can answer or reveal through variety ways, such as clairvoyance, automatic writing pendulum table tipping or other manifestations. Sometimes a psychic releases his or her body and the entities channel through them, often with complete change in voice, these entities are commonly referred to as spiritual guides, angels, nature spirits, and guardian spirits. And sometimes the messages will come through higher self which is attuned to spiritual dimensions. We all have times when we experience psychic abilities, psychics are those who enjoy also get fascinated about this spiritual dimensions, testing its limits exploring the possibilities of these realms.

Yet often many people are frightened of these spiritual realms, thinking it will have negative consequences, this is definitely a wrong view, as universal law of spiritual dimensions are made of purity also to benefit the enquirer. Our known history has produced many genuine psychics such as Wolf messing (1899 1972) this famous psychic has disproved critics by going through so many vigorous tests put before him. Also the histories famous diviner Nostradamus the French astrologer, who lived from 1503 to 1566. His great popularity is evident when one ponders that he is one of the a small number of authors whose labor has never been out of print for over 400 years. But that is our recorded history, one needs to ask how about the unknown psychics of history.

Psychics and their psychic abilities has been the subject of controversy for centuries, although this subject of psychics and their abilities to do psychic readings to predict events fascinates us many people in our modern lives are skeptics. Try a genuine psychic readings to find out that if psychic abilities are real.