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Psychic Seduction

by tortue

psychic seduction

Psychic Seduction V (PS5) is an e-book containing energy-work based techniques to elicit erotic and sensual thoughts in the mind of a person you want to seduce.

The first part of the e-book explain you about brain functioning, brainwaves . Explanation are short and practical, they are given to you as a prerequisite for the exercises. Most techniques use altered state of consciousness and visualization.

Explanation on, how to visualize and achieve altered state of consciousness are detailed.

When you are ready with the basic then you can start to experiment with psychic seduction techniques. One technique is called the Organ Heating Method another one is called the Aura Meld , I have used them both successfully with other techniques from the same e-book, I remember that it took me one week of training to master the Organ Heating Method. The successful attempt was made in a train, I was sitting at front of a non-smiling woman. I closed my eyes , I did the technique and when I opened my eyes to my amazement, she stared at me with a smile and we started a chat. I realized how great was PS5 . I continued my training on more sophisticated techniques from this e-book. I enjoyed the use of a technique called Ultimate Seduction (UM), where you use energy ball charged with your intent. The Aura Meld (AM) technique was also great to experiment because it make you attractive without you doing a particular effort, it’s like wearing a prestigious cologne . There are techniques that work with thought-form , dream-telepathy , affirmation , ki-chi manipulation with such an abundant choice, you can choose the technique that fit your style best. PS5 , Is not limited to seduction per se. You can use it during job interview , business , family relationship and on people on the same sex for reinforce friendship or soften a difficult situation.

One page of the e-book is decorated with pictures of ‘beautiful women’ but it doesn’t mean that if you are a woman, you can’t use PS5. That’s wrong anyone can use it. By the end of the e-book there are couples of techniques submitted by users of the previous version. Their techniques are very good , it’s a good way to finish the e-book. I like the technique to make someone give you a phone call. Now, if you are concerned about ethical consideration , the author provide in the book an ethical consideration note for each technique. It will help to clarify this point for you, if you feel the need to have such information.

Get the ebook from RegNow for $66,95 , Psychic Seduction is part of the Extreme Power Level I package

Table of Content of Psychic Seduction :


The Mind

Hidden Frequencies

Chapter One

Energy is All Around Us


Mental Arousal


Chapter Two

Lowering Brain Frequencies to Get in Sync

Technique to Lower Your BrainWave State.

The Brainwave Entrainment Technique™

The Corrector Technique™

The Color-Entrainment Technique ™

Chapter Three

Mind Seduction

Very Important Note

Follow Up Medicine

Organ Heating Method ™


The Final Chapter of Basic Psychic Seduction


A Devious Application

Healing Purposes

Advanced Psychic Seduction

Advanced Anchoring for Psychic Seduction

Altered States Accessing ™

The Seducer’s Mind Set ™

Advanced Subliminal Power

Psychic Thought Tracers™

The Ultimate Seduction ™

Aura Meld ™

Advanced Psychic Seduction Addendum

Hyper Mental Techniques for Seduction

The Remote Viewing Seduction ™

Psychic Handshake ™

Magick Candle Spell

Pentagram Spell ™

Cosmic Force Charging

Cosmic Telepathy 261

Advanced Organ Heating

User Contributions to Psychic Seduction

Knell Young’s Eye Method

Tim Gula’s Pitch Fork Method

Angel’s Phone Number

Massimo’s Clitoral Method

Thor's Meridian Slashing

Even More Techniques!



Also in the

Extreme Power Level I

, you will get the books Phd of Persuasion (173 pages), Lethal Tongue (139 pages),Magnetic Attraction (88 pages)

and it is not all you will also get the Seduction Harmonics mp3


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