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By Tortue

Being a psychic is no more complicated than being good at tennis or golf , it is only a matter of training , motivation and discipline . I will give you some basic techniques to help you to get you started:

There are 6 steps :

Step 1 – concentration and visualization

Step 2 - Removing blocks

Step 3 -Keep track of your progress with a journal

Step 4 – Energy work

Step 5 – Altered states

Step 6 – psychic work

Step 1 - Concentration:

If you want to perceive someone else thoughts clearly you will need concentration.

If you want to move an object with your mind you will need concentration.

If you want clairvoyantly perceive distant place , you will need concentration. Psychic is about awareness , psychic is about observing and being. You’ll not be able to perceive what someone think if you don’t listen .When your mind is filled with unnecessary thoughts, perception is difficult . Achieving a good level of concentration is beneficial in all psychic activities from OOBE to telepathy.

Exercise :

Concentration with picture :

This first exercise will help you to develop concentration and visualization.

Sit comfortably and take a picture . During one minute breath slowly.

Look at the picture during one minute then close your eyes and try to reproduce it with all details in your mind.

If you need more guideance http://www.improving-concentration.com/ has a complete e-book full of concentration exercises.

Step 2 : Removing blocks

If you believe you will not be able to be psychic or that you need to be gifted or have an accident that trigger your ability . Then you are in trouble because those beliefs create unnecessary blocks. Nurture the appropriate beliefs about psychic ability , affirm : I’m psychic

And when you affirm it , affirm it with your heart your feelings and emotions , just parroting words doesn’t work.

There is other type of block they are fear based. Let’s say you want to learn Out Of Body techniques but you believe that If you leave your body you may not be able to come back. This block can be worked out with EFT. Go to Tappingsolution and read the free e-book there is also good resource on their site TappingSolution

Step 3 : Journaling

It’s must be evident to any aspirant that keeping track of your progress is essential . This is will keep you motivate. Your journal format can be this way:

Date : October 22, 2003


Psychic reading : Today, the card told me that I must go meditate in the nature. I will try this and see if there is benefit for me

Synchronicity : Yesterday, I thought of Dani , it’s months , I haven’t see him and this morning I met him in a shop .That’s nice. My telepathic ability is improving.

Meditation : I no longer fall asleep it’s 3 days ,now that I’m able to relax , let it go and stay in trance .

So you get the picture , with a journal , you can keep track of your progress this is a very important tool .

Step 4 - Energy – How to have it :

Acquiring energy will greatly help you in any psychic stuffs especially OOBE , remote viewing / clairvoyance , channeling , telepathy.

There is many way to acquires energy , I recommend you go at Astral Dynamics and you follow the NEW energy method , it’s easy and free. Anyone can do it.

Step 5 - Altered state

Psychic activity usually coincide with alpha , theta and delta brainwave patterns. When you are awake you are in beta state. I’ll not enter into details here. I’ll point to resource you can use to reach those altered states quickly. Brainwave entrainment via music is one of them and it’s the one I recommend. There is many good CD available such as hemi-synch and other.

Another way you can do it , is to close your eyes , sit comfortably and count 100 to 1.

When you reach 1 , start breathing in these color red , orange , yellow , green , blue , indigo , violet. When it’s done pictures yourself walking either in a beautiful beach or a beautiful meadow .

Step 6 – Psychic Work

Finally, the psychic work , It all depend on what you choose to be expert at. Tarot reading, psychometry , telepathy , astral projection. If you master the 5 other steps, you will progress rapidly in your chosen field.


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