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Psychic Use Of Remote Viewing

Any sense that is beyond the accepted 5 senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and hearing is known as a sixth sense or extra sensory perception (ESP). There are many accepted, as well as challenged, sixth sense abilities one of which is remote viewing. How psychics use remote viewing will vary from person to person and from reading to reading.

Understanding how psychics use remote viewing and what you can gain from such a reading, will help you decided if this is the right kind of psychic reading that you are seeking – will it give you the answers you are seeking and the insight into a situation that you need?

What is remote viewing?
There are a variety of definitions which change with how or why you would use remote viewing. Broadly speaking, remote viewing is the ability – both psychic and taught – to be able to ‘see’ in the mind’s eye – the omnipresent mind – and witness an event in a different universe or time. This sounds far-reaching and impossible but, with practice and skill, it is possible to view a variety of situations.

How psychics use distance viewing is important for you as you may be searching for specific answers or an insight into a recurring situation. This ability, when it is a psychic ability, can be used to look at the past, identify where or how these issues are occurring, as well as suggesting solutions to the problems.

How psychics use remote viewing in a session
Some sessions can take some time to complete, so if you are in a hurry and want a quick answer, then you may need to sit the session another time or seek another psychic tool. Patience is essential when taking part in viewing sessions.

You are the transmitter of information in this type of session; the information the psychic needs is contained within you. The psychic will need to place themselves in a bi-location; in other words, they will split their psychic self, retaining a sense of the present but allowing the greater portion of their psychic self to travel over time spans and events. This may sound deep and disturbing but there is no need to be fearful – there is no wailing or gnashing of teeth!

A target contact is needed and will also inform how psychics use remote viewing to furnish you with the answers and information you need. Once this target is found – it can be a person, situation or event in your past – then the psychic will be able to interpret the messages and the vision.

People often think that the psychic will have a television style view of what is happening but this is not the case. Visions and symbols will require interpretation, colours will also be present and will all add to what is being transmitted back to you, the seeker.

Remote viewing can produce staggering results that can be exhilarating and uplifting. But, on the flip side, for the person using their psychic abilities to remote view, it can also be draining. It can take over an hour to connect and interpret visions, colours or symbols but those psychics with this extraordinary gift will tell you that the results are incredible!

Rachel Swanoski writes for the metaphysical industry and in particular around the theme of energy readers such as clairvoyants, mediums, tarot readers and psychics. The core objective of the themed articles is to advance world awareness.


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