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Psychic Seduction and Crystals

It is well known that crystal can hold an human intention and amplify it.

If you want to seduce or attract someone special into your life, you can use psychic seduction and the help of crystals. Here is how to do it:

First, cleanse your crystals, work with double terminated rose quartz. They are good for the purpose of seduction. Use the cleansing techniques of your choice there are plenty of techniques available all over the Internet.

When the crystal is clean assume the Lotus position and meditate on your goal, let say for example 'I want Barry to ask me for dinner' (you see form a clear short affirmation to concentrate on). Keep the crystal in one hand and imagine being inside the crystal , seeing all its inner facets.

On all walls of the crystals create an image of your wish, use your five senses to make it as real as possible, you must believe it.

As you carry the exercise to consummation, you may find the crystal in your hand getting warm or you may feel a bit of repulsion. You have then provided enough energy and thought into the crystal for it to vibrate and alter your physical and spiritual planes. Exit the crystal, open your eyes.

Your Intention + your visualization (+ crystal amplification) = rapid manifestation.

Keep the crystal on you wherever you go it will modify your energy construct (aura) and make your wish come true rapidly.


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