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Psychic Seduction, your beliefs about attractiveness and your success in relationship

Your beliefs about women and men is conditioning your success in relationship and your attractiveness with the opposite sex. Early experiences in the childhood with the opposite sex formed your beliefs about it. In a lot of cases even the birth will condition and shape the way a person will act in a given relationship or approach men or women.

A man or woman must first believes in its worth to be attractive to have a partner and a relationship, if the person doesn’t believe in this, he will create the condition to not attract or be in a relationship.
Many people aren’t aware of this, they may buy the psychic seduction e-book , they may try a few other systems unsuccessfully. Success in seduction and relationship doesn’t come from tricks and brilliant tactics. Success come from an inner knowingness of one’s worth and a belief to be able to create the wanted condition.

A man can be maltreated by his mother in his childhood and form the belief that women are evil. Because of this belief this man will always approach women with certain worries, he will telegraph that he is afraid of women, fear of the opposite sex is often a product of an initial belief like ‘women are evil’. If this man want success he must form new beliefs to allow new positive experiences with women.

There are many ways a person can change limiting beliefs, some men choose to learn a seduction system and over a period time, the constant use of this system will allow them to build up a new confidence. They will attribute their good fortune to the seduction system but the change was in reality caused by a shift in the beliefs system.

A more efficient technique will be to work directly on the problematic belief.
Self-hypnosis is a good way the track Parallel World in the Wendi’s Ultimate Confidence CD-set can help greatly, in that track you rewrite an ideal childhood also the other tracks help you to build confidence in various area. If you afford it you can consult with a specialist in age regression once again Wendi in USA is a specialist at this.

Now, if you have such limiting beliefs it will be of your interest to know about them. Seth (nature of personal reality, page 213) propose the following procedure :

There are two ways to get at your own conscious beliefs. The most direct is to have a series of talks with yourself. Write down your beliefs in a variety of areas, and you will find that you believe different things at different times. Often there will be contradictions readily apparent. These represent opposing beliefs that regulate your emotions, your bodily condition and your physical experience. Examine the conflicts. Invisible beliefs will appear that unite those seemingly diverse attitudes. Invisible beliefs are simply those of which you are fully aware but prefer to ignore, because they represent areas of strife which you have not been willing to handle thus far. They are quite available once you are determined to examine the complete contents of your conscious mind.

Once you have a list of your beliefs you will know what influence you.

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