Psychic prediction vs. the law of attraction

So you heard about the law of attraction. Alright, you put it to use through creative visualization. You visualized your perfect day in your perfect life (which is by the way, a good exercise to define the parameter of your preferred reality).
You are happy and filled with renewed motivation then you decide to visit a psychic reader to make sure you are on the right track.
Bang! the psychic reader, an experienced psychic who has done many accurate readings announce you that you are going to die in a airplane crash in a couple of days….
What ?

Well, let me tell you something. There is no such thing as a psychic prediction of “the future”. Because, they are many probable futures to beginning with.
We have access to an infinite number of probable futures and probable realities. What psychics do are a reading of your current energy and tendencies.
Therefore, if you keep your current energy level and tendencies, you are likely to go in certain directions and ignore other paths.
At any moment, you can change your path.

It is illustrated very well by this story from Datre (transcript 127):

you can, however you desire you want to do it. It is like the man that say’s, ‘I will pay this man $100 to kill me, I don’t want to live any more. And tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock I will be walking through the park – I don’t want to see you – but I want you to kill me. I will write a contract and all this other kind of stuff if you want it.’. And the fellow say’s, ‘no, just give me the $100’. So the fellow say’s, ‘all right, I will give you the $100’.

So he takes the $100. The next afternoon the man is walking through the park and he say’s, ‘finally this will be over, it won’t be long now.’ The man is already there, he’s ready to shoot him. Then the man spots something in a little child playing with a car on the sidewalk. And the joy in the child’s face, and the child looks up and he smiles and he say’s, ‘I’ve got a car’. And the remembrance in the man of the day he got a little red car that he had longed for, and how he had played with that car. Then he began to remember that of living as a child, and he progressed in his thinking, and he said, ‘I do not wish to die. I have no desire to die. I want to find that joy, that happiness, that excitement that I had as a child.’ He continued walking with that thought in mind. Someone came up and tapped him on the shoulder and the man turned around and it was the man with the gun. And he said, ‘you have changed your mind, here’s your money back’. Who wrote the story?

Your point of power is the present. It is now. At any moment, you can change the direction of your life path and go in some other direction. You do not need to accept psychic prediction. They are only a reflection or snapshot of some of your tendencies and energy.

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