Psychic Powers Experiments to Test Your Own Abilities

It may be thought that there are only a small number of people who have a psychic ability; but could it be possible that everyone has the ability to develop psychic skills. It could be the case that we all already have a developed psychic ability. If you consider that there may be times when you are thinking about a friend or love one, and the next thing that happens is that they call you on the phone, or meet you out of the blue. It was once said by a man who died and came back to life that we are all psychic, if this is true could it be that our psychic abilities are within us but may be laying dormant.

How many times have you thought the exact thought of a love one of very close friend, you may find that this has happened on many occasions. If this is true you may be able to switch back on your psychic abilities. If you look at the sight of when birds are flying in a perfect formation, have you ever wondered how they are communicating? It could be that they are communicating in a psychic way? So could it be worth investigating if you actually do communicate in a psychic way?

The experience of psychic communication

There have been many examples of people encountering psychic communication; for example people have told stories often of thinking about a close friend or love one, and within a very short period that love one or friend would call you on the phone or come in contact with you. These stories seem to numerous and further investigating could be useful in ascertaining if these are just coincidences or if we do have the capability to communicate in a psychic manner. If this is possible there we might have the ability to develop psychic communication in the same way that we would develop verbal or written communication. So you can see that there could be many useful possibilities in an established form of psychic communication. Indeed it could lead to great cost saving, the need for a mobile phone might be reduced, with the associated saving. And also it could lead to information being transmitted in a more confidential manner. The benefits could be endless.

Thinking the same thing at the same time

Another type of incident that could indicate psychic abilities is the idea of thinking the same thought at the same time. How many times have you thought the exact same thought that a close friend or love one was having. The words “I was just thinking that” might be found to be another of our psychic powers, it could be that we have the ability to unconsciously pass thoughts to other people. Also if this is the case, would this ability be limited to distance or could thoughts be picked up by friends or love ones on the other side of the world. This is an interesting concept and could be an extremely useful ability. What do you think? – Thoughts to make you wonder.

MGA Brown 17 June 2013

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