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Psychic energy healing also knows as spiritual healing involves the use of one energy that be send through space and sometimes time to heal someone. One of the most used method is called Reiki and uses the energy emanating from the hand (some healers use double terminated crystals to amplify the energy and the intention). For the healing to work the patient must agree at an unconscious level to be successfully healed, if the patient doesn't agree , nothing will cure him. Some spiritual healer understood this principle so well, that they stopped to work with energy and started to provide the healing through words by helping the patient to heal himself by identifying the belief causing the decease, that was the case of Phineas Quimby the great healer of 19 th century. It was demonstrated that frequent feelings of uncertainty or feelings of anxiety causes gastritis, repressed tears held back causes hay fever, tension and stress causes headache, the fear of moving ahead with life can cause leg problems. Each illness can be traced back to its source in the mind patient, the best spiritual healing are those of the mind.

However, sometimes the ego will rebel and will not want to admit that words can heal, with this types of patients, they need to experience something physically. Typically, seeing the doctor and following a treatment will do fine, Reiki also will do fine, as the Reiki Healer encourage at a subconscious level the patient to use his or her resources. Some patients want to be punished they may choose terrible illnesses but most of the time, they choose to have a terrible injury. A good spiritual healer will not ignore the role of beliefs in illness because it is so much important. The effort of an energy healer can be defeated if the patient doesn't believe in the possibility to be cured or even if the patient doesn't agree. Magicians will use rituals and distant healing to perform their art. Nowadays, there are many methods of distant healing available. In remote influencing, the technique consist to project oneself into the body of the patient, locating where the illness is, and proceed by sending healing and love energy, the healer then can end the session by working with mind to mind communication to make the patient accept the healing. This technique usually requires several sessions to work , specially with decease like cancer.

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