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Any defense only serves to invites attack – The course in Miracles

Many people lament that they are victim of psychic attack by entities. What they are really saying is that they have no control over their own reality. They may have read that ‘You create your reality’ but sadly for them, it is an intellectual concept in their mind and they apparently don’t get it.

Someone will say something like ‘You know when I was three I saw ghosts in my bedroom’ , as a 3 years old children I could not have manifested such thing.

This statement assume a lot of things, we will see this in detail later. Someone else will say something like ‘I started to open my spirituality and psychic abilities when I meet a demon, who told me to stop my progression’. This statement assume a lot of things too and in both case they assume incorrect things.

You do create your reality with your beliefs and feelings, no one else is doing something to you, only you can decide the experience you want to attract in your life.

When you focus on a group of emotions and feelings they become a belief, you can keep a belief alive by using your imagination.

No matter what is occurring in your life you created the play, no one else did. If you put yourself in the middle of an accident. Ask yourself what are you trying to tell yourself by attracting that event ? I know at first it might not be easy but if you give a genuine interest to this practise you will understand better your life purpose in this lifetime and the kind of lessons you attract.
If you don’t like your experience use your imagination to seed new beliefs and more beneficial experiences. If you keep the new belief long enough at front of you, they will manifest, they will not manifest if in same time you focus on the opposite.

So now why did you attract ghosts , negative entities or magical attack ? At one level you resonated with them, you meditated on them and therefore, you attracted the experience into your life. If you learn astral projection and in same time maintain a belief in demonic force in the astral, you can stay assured that your astral experience will not be a pleasant one.

There is a popular belief that say if you stay away of esoteric practise you will not attract negative entities, people with esoteric practise who buy this belief are in fact in trouble, they are the people who spend a great deal of effort in psychic defense.

Now about the negative entities, a negative entity usually is low vibratory a bit like an animal connected to the earth such a pig (by the way, it is the reason it is best to not eat meat, because they are low vibratory), a negative entity cannot really arm you at the best,they can scare you a bit, but nothing more than that. Broadcast your deepest love to the entity and ask your guides for help and guidance if you are annoyed by so called negative entities.

Psychic Whack

Psychic whack is indeed a psychic attack or agression, but this is an attack that you make to yourself to tell you that you are not going in the right direction at this time. You experience a psychic whack when you feel drained and depreciated by a stranger for no apparent reason. It usually happen if you send your energy to people who cannot receive it. If you look close at your relationships with friends and loved ones, you may find out that in some way you are depreciating yourself.

Now, about the 3 years old children attracting ghosts, there are two things to know, time as we think of it, doesn’t really exist, time doesn’t exist for our soul, your soul has the perspective of your entire lifetime and because you are not separated from your soul who might at any age attract experience that will serve as focus for future experience. A children may have long series of dream where s/he learn to fly, those may be learning sessions of future experience in astral projection.

The best you can do is to know who you are . Never turn your back to fear, if you go run and hide, the situation will go worse, de-label the fear and you will see just energy, merge with this energy and it will dissolve it might even become pleasant.

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3 thoughts on “Psychic Attack!”

  1. Thank you for the info.I’ve been afraid of astral travel because of a movie I watched.But,how is it that some peopel get possessed even if they don’t want it?

    1. get the related books mentioned her this article. When your energy is too low. You aren’t really in control anymore. Many people in psychiatric hospital are actually under possession. Tourrette syndrome is possession from lower level energies on a low energy person.

  2. Okay, I appreciate some things you say in here, but others just seem way off base. The two ladies that came into my store a couple days ago were not “manifesting” or “opening up” to anything. They moved into a house, the previous owners just up and left, no explanation, they left a lot behind when they did. This was a bonus for this new group to move in (brother, sister, and girlfriend) they didn’t care why they left stuff behind. Shortly after moving in the brother became ill, he blamed it on allergies and moved on. Shortly after that illness he began to behave strangely. His moods were swinging, he was having difficulty sleeping, he was going out in the middle of the night to hammer nails in the garage, he even became severely OCD about cleanliness. He eventually realized that his behavior was changing and kept apologizing to his sister and girlfriend for these uncontrollable outbursts. He hasn’t been violent, just very insistent and pushy. The ladies were very concerned about him considering other things were happening too such as certain doors opening, the dog being terrified to stay in or even go in certain parts of the house, cold spots, the feeling of someone being right behind you, etc. With all this activity they finally began to do some research which led them into my store. I and a friend guided them through what they needed to do to “clean” things up and it certainly wasn’t telling them to change their thought process and/or what they are inviting into their lives. As a matter of fact, the one person who didn’t believe in any of this stuff and that you created what surrounds you ended up being the one person who was being attacked the worse. I think you need to do some more research before writing articles like this, and invest in a high quality spell check in the process. There are things out there that we do not have regular explanations for. When/if you are experiencing issues and problems with psychic attacks and/or spiritual activity, there is more you need to investigate than just your mindset. Sometimes you may setup your home to open it up to things to visit. Sometimes as you are opening up spiritually, the path where you are supposed to help comes to you faster than you understand and can be scary. No, when astral projecting you are not necessarily going to be subjected to attacks. I have heard of many safe projection experiences. In astral projection, it kind of falls back to “if you go looking for trouble, you will find it.”
    Bright blessings!

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