Psychic 101 – The Extraordinary Gift of Pyrokinesis

One of the best or I may say, intriguing psychic talents is Pyrokinesis. Imagine yourself exhibiting the power to create and manipulate fire, and being able to hold it in your bare hands. No, this is not just one of those Hollywood green screen tricks or special effects – this is Pyrokinesis.

In the psychic context, Pyrokinesis is a psychic ability to control or in some rare occasion, produce fire using the power of the mind. This power over fire is considered to be a more specific Telekinetic psychic ability. To understand it better, Pyrokinesis happens when a person is capable of changing the temperature, increasing the internal temperature as well as the external or of the surroundings. Ideally speaking, a pyrokinetic person is capable of igniting fire.

How do you know if have the psychic gift of Pyrokinesis? A sign of Pyrokinetic abilities can be as small as experiencing sudden a heat rise within your body frequently or when someone gets burnt when they touch you. The signs of psychic abilities come in the simplest forms; this is why people tend to overlook them.

Pyrokinesis like most psychic abilities can be developed and enriched. Acquiring the psychic gift of Pyrokinesis is achieved through techniques like meditation, and it requires an unwavering concentration technique. Competent and skilled talent in controlling your mind and energy flow is a must for anyone to perfect this psychic gift. The three basic steps to unleash the psychic power of Pyrokinesis is as follows:

Step 1: The Right State of Mind

Acceptance is the key to be able to move on. Accepting and embracing your psychic talent is the first step to develop your extraordinary gift. This is done by as simple as telling yourself “I am psychic.” If you have the motivation and an open mind, you are in the right direction.

Step 2: Channelling Energy

Meditation is the most basic foundation to develop any psychic ability. If you are able to perfect meditation, you will be able to master the technique of channeling your energy to control the element of fire. One should be adept and very experienced in handling and directing energy, because lack of experience can cause dangerous burns to yourself; even though you may have a powerful aura.

Step 3: Practice and More Practice

Nothing happens overnight, that is a fact. Practicing to control and develop Pyrokinesis is important; you surely do not want to accidentally set everything on fire. There are many exercises you can do on a daily basis to develop your psychic gift of Pyrokinesis. A popular exercise is the “Dancing Flame”, wherein you need to concentrate to let the candle flame move in the direction that you want it to. Of course, there are other advanced exercises like lighting a candle or setting paper ablaze with just the use of your mind.

Generally, Pyrokinesis is not just your usual psychic gift. It is a rare and complicated ability that you must control so that you cannot cause harm onto others and yourself. The key secret to perfect Pyrokinesis is focusing on what you want the flame or fire to do, and willing it to happen. Like any psychic ability, mastering Pyrokinesis requires utmost dedication, discipline, and will power.

Tana Hoy is America’s Foremost Psychic Medium. He was first known for his accurate prediction of the tragic Oklahoma City Bombing. Tana dedicates his life to help others nourish their psychic gift. Visit to know more about developing your inner psychic.

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  2. I find this article to be very interesting. Because, I am Psychic, but I do not have any sort of telekinesis. However, I did know a young man who did have telekinesis and I never did quite understand it. Thank you for writing this. Blessed be~ Bree

  3. Ok so I basically followed the instructions provided to a degree. Instead of full meditation, I kind of just focused on imagining pure white energy coming from the center of my chest and exiting through the tips of my fingers. I also focused in on the flame to the point of where it began to look completely different than normal, almost like I was looking through the flame but focused on one specific part of the structure itself. Within half an hour I had the flame moving to my left side. Within an hour I had the flame moving backwards, forwards, left and only occasionally to my right within 3 hours on non-continuous work having a 10 min break here or there, I have the flame rising higher but not only that I can make the flame long and thin where the tip of the flame goes into a sharp point or I can make it long and thick where the tip of the flame is rounded and the body of the flame is approximately twice as thick to a degree… I then somehow have managed to extinguish the flame after about 15 minutes of trying to just lower the flame below its normal hight… I am however still having a little trouble moving it back to the right. I have in a sense worked out that different hand gestures do control the flame differently which is really cool! Thanks for teaching me a new skill!

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