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Psionic and Radionic

For many, psionics is a magic pill... a way to "get rich", "win a girl", "cast malevolent hexes" with just a push of the button.

But is it really that simple?

It depends on you.

Psionics is a branch of occult science that espouses the control of etheric energies through modern implements. The past witnessed how yogis, martial artists, warlocks and faith healers entered into altered states in order to command great energies for various purposes. As we are aware, the uses of these energies are countless. Yogis activate the "kundalini" energy to awaken a profound enlightenment. Martial artists (like adherents of Ki Gong) engorge their auras with energy to nullify incoming blows. Faith healers perform startling surgeries with psychic knives.

Obviously, tremendous effort and continuous training must precede the control of such energies. You don't become a ki gong master overnight. Energy control is evidently a time-consuming proposition. A daunting problem indeed.

Here's where psionics enters the picture. Eternally lazy, man developed ways of cutting time and maximizing results. Instead of concentrating for hours on end to get that stubborn kundalini to uncoil within your spine, you can let a machine concentrate for you. The "machine" could be scribbles on paper, cardboard cutouts, full-fledged plastic psionic boxes (such as those found at psiops.com) or even software programs. Zounds! The marvel of modern technology!

Radionic devices work by "capturing" that "desired thought" and releases it into the environment through a powerful mix of symbols. When you scribble sigils on paper or twist the dials on a psionic box, your create physical representations of your desire. Furthermore, the act of scribbling or twisting releases ENERGY. It is that energy the suffuses the thought with poer. From there on, the radionic device magnifies your energy-charged desire.

Magick and radionics are first cousins. Radionics create powerful *physical* manifestations of desire through energy. Magick spells and rituals also create powerful manifestations through energy. Think of all the chanting, screeching and pouring of chemicals and waving of wands. Those actions are fraught with energy. Without energy, magick rituals and radionics won't work.

So, now to the pressing question: do radionic devices really work? I've personally tried creating a few cardboard ones myself (a cardboard radionic box can work as effectively as a $300 store-bought machine) and using radionic software. From experience, it's hit-miss thing. Radionic devices DO work and they work WELL if and only if you can pour laser-like concentration in the few minutes you use it. After that, you can let the machine do the job without a thought on it. If you use a radionic device in a doubtful state, you can expect failure because you pour in negative energies that run counter to your desire.

Of the two forms of radionic devices (the physical boxes and the software programs), I'd nod my head to the software flavors. They are far more versatile in that they allow you to suffuse pictures, words, symbols and "rates" into one coherent session. CyberShaman is one such software. It even boasts an extensive library of symbols. Despite CyberShaman's popularity, I'd choose that new market challenger, Telehypnosis Pro because it even integrates a voice recording facility and "reiki amplification. These features naturally allow for even greater energy suffusion. Energy, remember, is KEY to success. That, for you, translates into more rapid results!!!!

All the best and happy psionics!

Joey Plazo
Copyright 2004
Exceed International Empowered Development
www.xtrememind.com www.powerconsultants.net

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